Wednesday, December 01, 2010

MAHA, of nature world n delicious foods

okay, starts with, my family s planning to open up a local business here
things gotta do with cows, sheep, vegies, n otha lame healthy stuffs
:PP so, there was some kinda exhibition about those things
i didnno much about it, but wot i knew was,
it was gonna be a hell of a waiting

as usual, in a journey, i would be sleeping~
with xtina songs playing thru my earphones
ouhh, BTW, my cuz, Ummu Habibah,
was with us, so i sit at d back side, with my brotha
ahah n yeahh, was in a bad ass mood tho
orang baru bngun tido~ biase lah :DD
once jumped off, DANGG!
everybody was staring =,=
hahaha not juz within one blink or a glimpse tho
it was a pain eyeballing they gave DD:
heh but kinda used to it now
at first, me n daddy performed zuhr first,
cuz d othas hve prayed b4 d trip
DONE with d praying, alone cuz daddy was in d toilet wth his biz
i juz walked off to where my feet wanted to
n as i guessed, i was lost =,=
and then continued on walking until my phone rang
(hey, didnt think of calling em khalid?? haha bongok jewp budak nyh)
sooner, when all of us were united, we walked on, n saw some machineries,
of farms, culinary, stall openings-basic stuffs
n hey, i wasnt interested in all of these things
ahah why did they even bother bringing me in d first place?
BUT there was fun parts,
bought some fresh milks <3 n lamb chops, rib steaks, n otha stuffs
while eating, "BOOOMMMMMM!!"
thunder had stroke, rain fell heavily
OMG, mummy was freaking out
so, we had to find a shelter
n yeahhh, to relax about ;))
and yeahhyeahhh~ pose for d camera now *flick *flick

hehhh howdyy up there :DD

mummy= Khairiah Khalid me= Khalid Arumi

sys= abirbalkis. me=khalidarumi. brotha= latiffarumi

haha they were fighting over Nokia hndphone (at least dats wot i heard)

hehh got some more tho, but stuck inside my daddy's cam
so yeahhh, juz put in some from my handphone, or as i called him; MAXXIE
afta hours waiting, we decided, to go back eventho it was still raining
but it had cooled down a bit
Alhamdulillahh~ ehhhehhhh
on d way, stopped by a Masjid,
Asar n Maghrib time
it was pretty late tho fo asar
but yeahh, afta everythng had settled, jumped on d car n drove homee~
ouhh, some more eyecandiess~ BHAHAHA

heee while waiting fo azan <33

masjid toilet! :DD ahahhh

and dat is all giggle
everybody is safe n sound now at home <3
hehh every one has slept by now,
except for me~~ cuz i am a nocturnal creature~~~

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