Sunday, August 07, 2011

folio seni

 "tak pernah ku sangka, sedalam ini rasaku padamu"
-Di Mana Di Mana by 3 Suara (Ning, Shila, Jac)

first of all, merry ramadhan~ haha cheers! blablabla
=,= *mcm tak ikhlas jopee haha nev mind~
so yeah, talking bout spm, i added visual arts edu to my stream
n it is a must to all of us, "artists" to work on an assignment~
been spending months though on this stoohpid folio, cuz it is considered as after-hours subject, (in my case) i have to learn arts on my own since no one has the time to teach me T__T but this is aint a lament tho, dun gemme wrong, i am sorta fine with that but of course, it would come in extra handy if any human or anything out there who would wanna be my guide willingly (no cash related) 
hoho *hwaiting!!!!
i chose question 6, it is about packaging for chips
in the first place, i wanted to do question on sculpture, but yeah, time wasnt a friend, so i had to change my mind

some instructions are like, the out-of-nowhere-company's product goes by "SUCI" (sounds like a detergent name, like Breeze, Dynamo, etc), final result, an actual result, like a prototype, has to be 30 cm tall, a collection of fonts, examples of packages, etc~
so yeah, i captured some of my works, finger-crossed, hope for an A+ :33 *cikgu dgr tak cikgu? haha

my cover page~ *mind my horrifying writings =,=

 the contents~ *once again, mind my writings

2nd page

example of cassava aka ubi kayu

"sexy sells" haha
the question is: how does the product function/how is the product being used

tools that i use during the process~

that is all i guess, i forgot to snap the actual result, but yeah, it resembles my drawings and the measurements are correct
*thank you GOD :33 so yeahh, this is what kept me busy nowadays, since a number of my FB friends has asked, where have i been n stuffs~ *prihatin jugak uolls dgn beta yeah? haha xoxo

P/S: newsflash, i am a fan of ning baizura now ever since i heard the song "Beribu Sesalan" recently, thanks to akmal ariff for intoducing me the song (a big fan of shila he is n a Malaysian artist in making~) n amer mudhamir (passionate in the arts of dancing, a pro-dancer to be, good luck boyy~) for helping me with finding others of ning baizura~

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