Friday, October 07, 2011

rudiculous prose

hihohiho been away for so longg~ other than laziness, busy occupies my attention :P well, what have changed are, my hair, my new tude, umm, schedule,, i dunno~ a lot has changed ahah well, i love changing but yeah, to one perspective, good or bad, the hell with it~
but the right word is, experimenting~ when we are young, we are searching for the best of us, to be the best of us
so yeah, everyone is entitled to his opinion, being different sets different hues~ whatever pattern it creates, colorful is us~
hoho yupp, in case u re wondering, i do talk like this sometimes, weird or plain, everyone has those sides :))
lately, i ve been thinking, should i study science subjects which is my weak area and the lame news is, SPM is nearing T___T just saying, if i ace those subs, ......okay, this part is confidential :P LOL
but yeah, i have my own reason and trust me, this is the best for my life, need not to give me advices on study study study and otha blahh's

wish i could change my parents' decision though, or at least delay or so~ i aint ready for this! warrghhhh
okaylahhhh, penat mengarott =,=" esok ta nak sekolah, cheq malasss! hoho xoxo

*proud to be an apple user, rest in peace Steve Jobs :'))

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