Wednesday, December 07, 2011

spm n afterwards

what a phase has it been :) haha i have just finished my SPM!!! btw it is the biggest exam as a high school student here in malaysia~
i kinda use all the roads i had been walking thru, all the subjects that were confusing, hard to the hell and some were loved, favored as an excuse to sorta abandon-for-a-while this blog of mine :P
i can say that i am relieved now :) like finally, im outta school, which i d been longing for agess! XP people said that we will miss our schools after we are long gone, stepped into adulthood and blablahh but to think of it, i dun think i m gonna feel that much of that melancholic sadness because my family is one of those nomads :3 so i had never really strongly bonded with one particular place or people cuz yeah, it kinda annoys me when u re about to laugh and rock hard with a new atmosphere, another one is introduced and everything has to start all over again =,= but i can say i have accepted the fact and somehow embraced it :P from one view, it s kinda fun right? and in contrast, it hurts everytime as much as it hurts the first time

by now, most of my friends know imma fly back to aussie by january 2012, mid or so (another moving)
i juz wish i could stay a bit longer here, but yeah, life goes on~
wanna thank my happy tree family: the boys (howthe, qayyum, kee ian) and the gals (sabri, zati, maggie, hwee sun) for the memories :P my otha 5 Cemp classmates, friends of menjalara, i ll remember u guys~ my Don's, Azim, Ray and Adam <3 i love you bitchess~ and i mean it with all my heart haha i dunno why im making such a drama atm but yeah, in case we couldnt see each otha again before my flight, juz wantchu guys to know how thankful i am towards the acceptance :))) well, cheers for the future then! muahahahaha

Friday, October 07, 2011

rudiculous prose

hihohiho been away for so longg~ other than laziness, busy occupies my attention :P well, what have changed are, my hair, my new tude, umm, schedule,, i dunno~ a lot has changed ahah well, i love changing but yeah, to one perspective, good or bad, the hell with it~
but the right word is, experimenting~ when we are young, we are searching for the best of us, to be the best of us
so yeah, everyone is entitled to his opinion, being different sets different hues~ whatever pattern it creates, colorful is us~
hoho yupp, in case u re wondering, i do talk like this sometimes, weird or plain, everyone has those sides :))
lately, i ve been thinking, should i study science subjects which is my weak area and the lame news is, SPM is nearing T___T just saying, if i ace those subs, ......okay, this part is confidential :P LOL
but yeah, i have my own reason and trust me, this is the best for my life, need not to give me advices on study study study and otha blahh's

wish i could change my parents' decision though, or at least delay or so~ i aint ready for this! warrghhhh
okaylahhhh, penat mengarott =,=" esok ta nak sekolah, cheq malasss! hoho xoxo

*proud to be an apple user, rest in peace Steve Jobs :'))

Sunday, August 07, 2011

folio seni

 "tak pernah ku sangka, sedalam ini rasaku padamu"
-Di Mana Di Mana by 3 Suara (Ning, Shila, Jac)

first of all, merry ramadhan~ haha cheers! blablabla
=,= *mcm tak ikhlas jopee haha nev mind~
so yeah, talking bout spm, i added visual arts edu to my stream
n it is a must to all of us, "artists" to work on an assignment~
been spending months though on this stoohpid folio, cuz it is considered as after-hours subject, (in my case) i have to learn arts on my own since no one has the time to teach me T__T but this is aint a lament tho, dun gemme wrong, i am sorta fine with that but of course, it would come in extra handy if any human or anything out there who would wanna be my guide willingly (no cash related) 
hoho *hwaiting!!!!
i chose question 6, it is about packaging for chips
in the first place, i wanted to do question on sculpture, but yeah, time wasnt a friend, so i had to change my mind

some instructions are like, the out-of-nowhere-company's product goes by "SUCI" (sounds like a detergent name, like Breeze, Dynamo, etc), final result, an actual result, like a prototype, has to be 30 cm tall, a collection of fonts, examples of packages, etc~
so yeah, i captured some of my works, finger-crossed, hope for an A+ :33 *cikgu dgr tak cikgu? haha

my cover page~ *mind my horrifying writings =,=

 the contents~ *once again, mind my writings

2nd page

example of cassava aka ubi kayu

"sexy sells" haha
the question is: how does the product function/how is the product being used

tools that i use during the process~

that is all i guess, i forgot to snap the actual result, but yeah, it resembles my drawings and the measurements are correct
*thank you GOD :33 so yeahh, this is what kept me busy nowadays, since a number of my FB friends has asked, where have i been n stuffs~ *prihatin jugak uolls dgn beta yeah? haha xoxo

P/S: newsflash, i am a fan of ning baizura now ever since i heard the song "Beribu Sesalan" recently, thanks to akmal ariff for intoducing me the song (a big fan of shila he is n a Malaysian artist in making~) n amer mudhamir (passionate in the arts of dancing, a pro-dancer to be, good luck boyy~) for helping me with finding others of ning baizura~

Friday, July 15, 2011

plan on saturday

tomorrow, an arts festival will be held at Padang Astaka, PJ
hell to the yeah imma be there~ XD
thus makes tomorrow's experience the first arts-related ride for me ;)
dayyum, like seriously, i couldnt wait any minute longer
haha btw, i bought the tix at Rock Corner, The Curve, pricing at 30 ringgits~ and the not so great news is, imma be there alone :P
well, i CAN be alone but im a freaking human being, i do prefer companies, especially as a noob in this kind of crowd~
so, any of you who ll be there, nudge me aite? hoho peace out!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

abang askar menukar tayar :P

i was taught by my daddy how to change tires today XD
u see that small hot bod over there? yeah, that's me~
okay, now, lets get to our session :D


ahah first of all, loosen up the to-be-changed-tire

next, use the "jack somethinggg" to lift ur car up until the tire isnt touching the ground :3

then take it off~ *that stupid tyre was damn heavy btw =,="

replace it with the spare tire, tighten the screws, remove that yellow thingy, n secure them screws~~ y know? so they wont fall off whilst driving :3 *i look freaking excited though in this pic :P
alright~ that is all i think :) ohh, n we went to a workshop to tampal the removed tire~ it is actually punctured by a stupid nail tho T__T
and replace the tampal-ed tire back~ spare tire stays being a spare part :33

Saturday, June 25, 2011


sometimes life gets me unguarded
like things from last year, even when i was living in a new world, sometimes it was near to impossible for me to swallow it all
"is this true? im in freaking aussie?!!", ahah, something like that~
everyday i thought to myself, yesterday was the day i waved goodbye to my friends n families, well, those were last year's
today, back to msia, still, every now and then, luck is questioned
as example, what is happening to my family now
to call it a broken home, not really, but how could they make such decision then? whatevee~ BUT still.. haha im juz a boy lord~
plus, stuffs at school are getting fuckin stupid, well, i am at the brink of emotional disturbance, lol, but yeahh, with assignments and homeworks, wish i had three wishes,n i would use my first wish to have thousands more wishes,, hoooll yeah, amen to that!
hmm, has it ever hit you guys? like, life gets harder as things are at its worst.. well, i know trouble lingers around every breathing spirit, n they may be others out there who are in much more pain, some that have never been imagined by the little of me..
okay, cool off noww~ dayyum, why do i always drift so far as i talk/type/write?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wahid.dua.three (written in the stars)

saya bujang, so saya malas nak lap the mirror :P

way home from swimming pool <3 that's my cuzzo btw

with my systahh, abir balkis :*

yes, kami sama hodoh, sama tak senonoh
wait, dy lawa lahh! T_T

on bike with shahril azmi (banglad), hoyyeahhoyyeah~
*this entry takes me 3 days to get it doneee B) i am so sloww~

it is 12.22 am now, hence my mind isnt at its best performance =,=
warghhh~ im still having holiday fever atm
oyyeah, talking bout them holy days, mine was coolll~
went out everyday :D shopping, cinema-ing, prostituting, walkinggg, meeting, rolling on the floor laughing out loud, rolling in the deep by adele, eating, singing, dancing, drawing, sleepingg, etc-ing :33
basically, i enjoyed myself~ howeva, one of my bezzybuddo, ray went to saudi arabia during the second week so yeah, less fun there..
btw, he is still there though, while im typing nonsense now C:

school has juz started and i am "holidaystruck", still~
like, the only stuffs i could bare to do at school are drawing and eating =,= fyi, a few nearby humans have been calling me 'fatso' T_T y'all juz wait biatches, im on my diet regimen noww XP
BTW, things at school are gettin busy, im trying to finish up my arts folio b4 due date, LK course worksss, undone homeworksss, blahhblahhssss, GOD, i need moree holidayssssss
woww, im a freaking procrastinator =,=" S.O.S.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


juz had my visual arts exam today, starting with objective/theory first
gotta say, most of em was tembak-ed only =,="
sorryyyyyyyyy ceekkkgguuu XDDD

but yeah, actually my brain was freaking worried about the second paper, the practical one~
the question i chose was about fisherman, boats, birds, river's mouth, blablabla
and these are the horrible designs i did T__T

hell ugly ryte? ahhaaa
btw, i almost gave up on this question
but i guess sometimes in life, we would encounter hard times,
thinking that no solution could cure or change,
but yeah, i guess i still remember the vow i made to myself,
"no matter what happens, never give up on arts"
and the highlight was, i cried when i finished painting them.. HAHA =,= i knew i wasnt good/skilled enough to be the best of the best
feels kinda stupid though, crying over things like this
i dunno, whatever reason it was, it taught me to not give in

this is the one i did during the exam and me myself was shocked cuz based on my drafts or whatever u call em, they were disastrous T__T but please dun get me wrong, im not being snobbish or anything, depends on u to judge but yeah, my love is arts, so, peace out hotties~ ;)) pray for me to seize my dream as an artist one day~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

could u see tears running down my face?

takrifkan cinta padaku lalu buktikannya,
namun jika rahsiamu itu tidak pasti,
perlahankan bicara perihal cinta,
kerana manakan hati sanggup berdarah,
selepas kepercayaan dipertaruh atas nama kasih dan mati..

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha =,="
what if someone new, someone u hardly know of, n also, that particular someone knows nothing of you except your face said the word "love" and expected u to be on the journey as well?
well, to me personally, i would rather have one friend than hundreds of lovers n it hurts by thaaaaaatt much knowing that lust is the only reason why i am chosen to b a friend, n thus being asked to be a sell out? haha this bitch here doesnt think so ;3
conclusion, i am used to being called the bad guy in every relationship i had, but i have my reasons n perspectives that i know, no stranger would ever nod at, except if u re a total weirdo like me, then i'd say u would XD

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i aint extravaganza, just another ordinary persona

think im gettin tired of people assuming i am this and that, without a confrontation even
so called; judgin a book by its cover, prejudging me as how they wanted to, blablablaa

the least u can do is ask me in the first place =,=
well, i do have histories of biting people when im angry but never did it involve blood or death..

*sighhh i will always feel insecure, uncomfortable, etc with myself if this kind of people always act out as gravity, never forget to pull us down by their words T__T curse youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
"we are beautiful, in every single way, no matter what they say, words can't bring us down" - christina maria aguilera <3

Thursday, May 12, 2011


still in mid-year-exam mode now.. *sighhh
n lately, i would sometimes think what would it be like during the real deal, talking about SPM here~
n i ve heard this kind of phase, like you are thinking way deep about life and what would it lead u to, but yeahh
glad im having this now rather than at one point where some doors are already closed before me..........................

=,= what am i bullshaiting now actually? is this called stress perchance? whateva,, wish me luck hotties :)) wo aini~

Sunday, May 01, 2011


"Jiwa korang diumpamakan tapak pasar malam manakala kawan-kawan korang penjajanya. Sebelum diorang datang, jiwa korang terasa kosong dan hambar..

Jiwa korang diumpamakan tapak pasar malam manakala kawan-kawan korang penjajanya. Kawan baik pasti tinggalkan sesuatu setelah mereka tiada nanti.."

:DD i juz love the quotations above XD
got it from the comic UTOPIA HIGH *REUNION* by Slaium
in sarcastic way, he praises friendship :) hmm, now thinking of becoming a cartoonist~ howeva, everytime i draw the same character, everything changes - from hairstyle to shoes size to the storyline =,=  *mama, can i stay in malaysia for a lil bit longer? B))

effing lazy

i ve been nothing but a lazy arse these days =,=
orang bujang, biaselahh~ XD
hoho n this body of mine is getting cuter and cuter now..
sedihhh perangaii T__T
oh oh, actually, i ve registered as a member at celebrity fitness~
BUT it is in LOT 10.. have to take KTM, monorail n walk n walk n up until at the destination, i would have burnt every fat in muh sexy ass
come to think of it, i may just love the idea of working out, not working out itself though
gettin blurry? so do i :33

Thursday, April 21, 2011

bukan cinta biasa

begitu banyak cerita
ada suka ada duka
cinta yang ingin kutulis
bukanlah cinta biasa

dua keyakinan beza
masalah pun tak sama
ku tak ingin dia ragu
mengapa mereka selalu bertanya

cintaku bukan di atas kertas
cintaku getaran yang sama
tak perlu dipaksa
tak perlu dicari
kerna kuyakin ada jawabnya

andaiku bisa merubah semua
hingga tiada orang terluka
tapi tak mungkin
ku tak berdaya
hanya yakin menunggu jawabnya

janjiku terikat setia
masa merubah segala
mungkin diakan berlalu
kutak mahu mereka tertawa

diriku hanya insan biasa
miliki naluri yang sama
tak ingin berpaling
tak ingin berganti
jiwa ku sering saja berkata

andaiku mampu ulang semua
kupasti tiada yang curiga
kasih kau hadir
tiada terduga
hanya yakin menunggu jawapan

*this song reflects exactly what i feel towards you. please, i'm tired and now, it is about to pass annoying and hatred. whatever will happen, i leave it on you. decide what's the best for you. honestly, i am sorry for everything i did, did not or never did. but yeah, emotion is not to be forced. again, i am sorry friend..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hujan oh hujan~

after school today, i went shopping at tesco, village mall by walking
it is literally in front of my school so yeahh, aint that far :) was all alone tho
i bought my facial wash n moisturizing cream XD
then, walked back to school because i'm practically a "putera islam" now LOL did some cooking babehh~~ actually, my main duty is to wash dirrty dishes :33 and as a guy, i feel responsible to protect them weaker sex HAHAHA whotevaahhh~~~

well, the highlight is, when i was on my way home alone, it was raining cats and dogs DD: but but but, felt kinda sexy though :PP
as if i was in that one part in the song "dirrty" by my woman, xtina where xtinaroomy n her girls are dancing wild at a parking lot or something, and the 'emergency water' is pouring and the whole floor is wet up, woohoo~~ yeah, welcome to my world bitches :P

heee oh oh, while i was walking, i practically washed my face using the facial wash i bought at tesco earlier hahaha felt kinda stupid but at the same time, i dunnoo, a lil bit of fun essence in there :DDD

Monday, April 18, 2011

knock knock

this thursday, i ll be on my way to undergo medical check up for my family's plan; moving to canberra, australia next year......
huwaaaaaa cheq ta mawu nahhhhh,, cheq na stay kat malaysiaa

eventho malaysia nyh dotdotdoootttttttttttttt LOL
but whoteva, life goes on
like it or not, we have to stay strong ryte? be a fighter ;))
howeva, at the end of the day, still............

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

actually, i ve been running away from medic checkup at school for 10 long successful years :PP
but tough luck honey, this fuckin year, no one announces anything about d healthy act =,="" so, i feel kinda betrayed LOL
damn it, i had to get my teeth tampal-ed today at school
just one tooth only but still, NO ONE TOUCHES MY TEETH! :B
hoho but to think of it again, "grow up arumi, this is for ur own sake biatch" :333333333333333 *hehh okay arumi~

Friday, March 25, 2011

note to life

tired of living =,=
wow, sounds suicidal though
nahh, actually, tired of living with these craps
love dat once built me a fence n kept me safe inside
now, hushhhh~~ gone with d wind babyy~
nyeh nyeh nyehhh =.=""
whoteva, daaaa~~~
*damn u calciyum, i am still a shorty shawty shorty

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


heh juz watched KAMI for d second time today
so yeah, i cried at d part where d guy dies (cant rememba his name)
hmm, wondering how many of us would actually make it out there
even i doubt myself though DD:
hohhh whoteve will be n will not be, along with perseverance, best of luck out there :)) may gob bless us all~~
P/S: tomorrow is 2010's SPM candies' biggest day, results r coming out~ as for me, half says "i cant wait to get it over with" n d otha half says, "pleaseeeeeee godddd, let miracle shine over me, stop such cruelty"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

dunno if this is considered weird to ya guys or not
as usual, asthma attacks me due to overlimit-physical-activity
but one thing sets today apart than d others
my hands were hell shaky when i was doin academic stuffs
but they were superfine when i was playing with my arts; drawing
guess even my blood rejects them numbers, grammar n facts
n within myself, now i know i was born in love with arts :'))

Friday, March 18, 2011

LOL with them - part sexto

on thursday, me n mum went to my cuzo's houz
lounged around idly XD oh yeahh, did a lil dance steps with em, laughed about, snapped some pics n blablablaahhhblaahhhhhh
oh oh, my super grandma s gonna move to an old folks houz, sunday
all of us were totally against it at first but yeah, this is her life, her decision, she said, she wanted to focus on her religious obligation without any disruptions from her daily routines :'))
but, hell yeahh we re gonna keep visiting her, make sure she s doing awesome as usual~~

P/S: i am named after her late husband, Khalid *winkwink

Thursday, March 17, 2011

love like woe

motif having love like woe as d title?
haha because d song is awesome~~
also, got a behind-the-scene-story XD not much really,
juz would love to clarify, at this moment,
i dun really want or need to have those mixed emotions like them young lovers are experiencing now :) may sound cheesy, but i am khalid arumi and i approve this message! :PP hehh
juz wanna focus my everything on my arts now, mum, dad, i ll show u guys what is in my blood, so i ll prove that arts is my thang~ :33

LOL with them - part quinta

okay on d fifth day, it was relaxing (finally)
well, still had home tuition tho, but yeahh~
other than that, plain flat :) sleeping around d clock~~~~~
oh oh, mummy cooked coconut rice today
or popularly known as nasi lemak ;)))
oh yeah, got myself to boredom, made a prank call,
well, sort off :PP sorry adam, azim n ray, cool okayy? ahahh XD

LOL with them - part cuarto

introducing, amirul syafiq~ he was my bestfriend n my ex-neighbor,
younger by one year, shorter by several cm's :P haha sorry boy
seperated for 4 years tho n thxs facebook for uniting us back~
miss u la budakk :))
on d fourth day, me, amirul syafiq, nazim, adam n rayy hung out at mid valley~ *havent been there for such a loooongg timee
oh ohh, this day, 15th of march is my daddy's birthday~
so, at first, me, mum n dad went to KL sentral, having our brunch at secret recipe~
birthdayBOY, stay awesome okayy? ;)

actually, was waiting for amirul n ray to arrive tho
*it was amirul's first time, haha chillax bro :P selamat sampaikann?
once all of us got there, took KTM train to mid valley~
met azim n adam at Maccas, ray was having his meal
then, watched RANGO!! damn i looikee the moviee!!! :DD

 haha my fave part~ :PP

hoot hoot

howeva, azim slept thru out d movie :BBB 
DUSHH punya budakk =,="
finished with d movie, walked around to find karaoke haven
but tough luck babe, hell expensive = im a first timer XD so i dunno much, then with broken-hearted, walked away n wander about~

 with amirul syafiq
 azim, adam, arumi :D wah~ triple a's!
adam darwish~ semoga berbahagia okay? ;))

 haha chomell jewp dua jejakas nyh :P
amirul, anda berbakat dlm seni okay?
jgn pernah berhenti :)
 woofwoof! haha *tetbe
with a lepasan SPM :)
hey, good luck okay azim on facing the outside world~
later on, we helped amirul on which shades, necklace n otha stuffs that are looking hot on him :P but yeah, time was not a friend,
had to go home early though~ but yeah, will be seeing them again this saturday *winkwink
amirul n me took d same train, first, because sg buloh (him) n kepong sentral (me) are actually bersebelahan sahaja
2nd, we re gonna get off at kepong sentral coz my daddy would pick us up and send amirul straight to his house, so no need for him to wait for once-in-a-blue-moon-bus =,=
after dropping amirul off, we had dinner
oh oh, hayatilah dialog ini yeahh? ;))

"adik, adik nak minum apa? akak dh tanya dh kawan awak tuh"
"hah? kawan? itu ayah saya lahhh"
"oh ye kee? mudanya diaa, patutlah AWAK HANDSOME"
*blushing/bangga "haha hari ni harijadi dia" :))

and with the awesome dialogue,, d fourth day ended~
set home and kroohh kroohh kroohhhhhh :B

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LOL with them - part tres

on d 3rd day, it was a dad-son-day-out :P
went out with my daddy
actually to have our pictures taken for visa application
our plan is, next year, me and mum r gonna fly to canberra, australia
no more perth baby :) but still have d same dilemma of a boy
so,,, whoteve~~
we talked about stuffs, like new movies, latest news, etc
stopped by at studio, daddy got some biz n yeahh, did a tour on my own :PP that s about it, daa~~ lol

LOL with them - part duo

second day, my cuzo, eisya khairi asked me to hang out along her friends, so i said "hell yeahh!!" :DD *location: One Utama
first activity, taught her d difference between GSC n TGV =,=
i dunno whether she understood or zero in d brain..
hoho nev mindd tho XD
at GSC, me n her guy friend, nik queued up while eisya n her chick friend wandered around, but it s alright, they bought a packet of Famous Amos <3 :DD thanks girls~
Beastly. the movie that we watched n it was awesomeee~~

even the starting was HOT hahaa
just when would i have d same smexay bod?
alahh kau, dok mengguling atas katil then tidur, bangun makan melalak tidur =,="

oyyeah, fall in love with mary kate olsen though
still think it would be more epic
if both olsen twins were in d movie
but yeahh, looking fierce and gorgy at d same time babe ;)

and as for vanessa, hohh~~
she s a blooming rose, thats for sure :))

the protagonist, alex pettyfer!! woohooo!!! love him, but not obsessed (yet) :PP 

grabbed our lunch after d movie at Burger King,
and then karaoke-ed~~~ :DDD i sang 3 songs
just the way you are, fighter and love the way you lie (chorus)
later on, my mum called, asking me n eisya to go meet em
time to go home and buhbye eisya's buddies~ thxs fo inviting me :D