Thursday, March 17, 2011

LOL with them - part cuarto

introducing, amirul syafiq~ he was my bestfriend n my ex-neighbor,
younger by one year, shorter by several cm's :P haha sorry boy
seperated for 4 years tho n thxs facebook for uniting us back~
miss u la budakk :))
on d fourth day, me, amirul syafiq, nazim, adam n rayy hung out at mid valley~ *havent been there for such a loooongg timee
oh ohh, this day, 15th of march is my daddy's birthday~
so, at first, me, mum n dad went to KL sentral, having our brunch at secret recipe~
birthdayBOY, stay awesome okayy? ;)

actually, was waiting for amirul n ray to arrive tho
*it was amirul's first time, haha chillax bro :P selamat sampaikann?
once all of us got there, took KTM train to mid valley~
met azim n adam at Maccas, ray was having his meal
then, watched RANGO!! damn i looikee the moviee!!! :DD

 haha my fave part~ :PP

hoot hoot

howeva, azim slept thru out d movie :BBB 
DUSHH punya budakk =,="
finished with d movie, walked around to find karaoke haven
but tough luck babe, hell expensive = im a first timer XD so i dunno much, then with broken-hearted, walked away n wander about~

 with amirul syafiq
 azim, adam, arumi :D wah~ triple a's!
adam darwish~ semoga berbahagia okay? ;))

 haha chomell jewp dua jejakas nyh :P
amirul, anda berbakat dlm seni okay?
jgn pernah berhenti :)
 woofwoof! haha *tetbe
with a lepasan SPM :)
hey, good luck okay azim on facing the outside world~
later on, we helped amirul on which shades, necklace n otha stuffs that are looking hot on him :P but yeah, time was not a friend,
had to go home early though~ but yeah, will be seeing them again this saturday *winkwink
amirul n me took d same train, first, because sg buloh (him) n kepong sentral (me) are actually bersebelahan sahaja
2nd, we re gonna get off at kepong sentral coz my daddy would pick us up and send amirul straight to his house, so no need for him to wait for once-in-a-blue-moon-bus =,=
after dropping amirul off, we had dinner
oh oh, hayatilah dialog ini yeahh? ;))

"adik, adik nak minum apa? akak dh tanya dh kawan awak tuh"
"hah? kawan? itu ayah saya lahhh"
"oh ye kee? mudanya diaa, patutlah AWAK HANDSOME"
*blushing/bangga "haha hari ni harijadi dia" :))

and with the awesome dialogue,, d fourth day ended~
set home and kroohh kroohh kroohhhhhh :B

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