Tuesday, March 15, 2011


one of my vices is, i am hell hard to trust someone
but at the same time, i tend to put u on a test
either it s selfish or plain stupid
this is my drama, sometimes i know ur real intention, sometimes i guess it out, but cliche says, humans are all d same
BUT i wanna rumble it up a bit, humans are humans
we might resemble each other, same sense of passion or whatsoeva,
in d end, there is that one small box, keeping secrets and smiles,
which only us ourselves have d matching imaginary key
so yeah, back to my point, :PP
sometimes i am bitchy. seriously, i am sometimes.
BUT lets b honest, it s also called independent, in anotha way around :) hold ur head up boy, it is time for u to love urself now~

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