Monday, January 31, 2011


have u eva laughed ur heart out?
for maybe not such a big comedy?
but yeah, laugh like no bitch exists ;))
well, i have - then, now and always - alone or maybe with loved ones

ohh, new buddies always tease me being asthmatic 24/7
=,= cibai punya manusias OPS~ HAHAAA
dun worry boyy, none of em reads ur blog *winkwink

i walk home everyday with this shawty, sabrina
n hell yeah, had a lot of fun every walk ;))
helped me a lot tho! izzati, qayyum, radha, howthemen, samuel, etc

missing aussie, missing my aweshum hair XD

Sunday, January 23, 2011

history form 5, 1.3.2 - Filipina

Terbahagi kepada dua tahap:
1.    Penentangan masyarakat secara terbuka
·         faktor: isu-isu kebudayaan, agama dan hak peribumi
·         dipimpin oleh golongan berpendidikan Barat dan Asia Barat; menekankan kesedaran politik dengan menuntut hak-hak dikembalikan dan taraf hidup mereka diperbaik

2.    Lebih radikal dan beroganisasi
·         faktor: tahap pertama gagal
·         dipimpin oleh golongan yang berpendidikan serta berpengetahuan luas dalam bidang kebudayaan dan ilmu Barat; mengenal pasti perubahan yang terjadi terhadap bangsa dan negara yang dilakukan oleh penjajah
·         menuntut kemerdekaan negara
Gerakan Nasionalisme di FILIPINA
Tahap pertama
1)    Gerakan Dakyah
o   dipimpin oleh Jose Rizal yang sanagat berpengaruh dan disokong golongan pertengahan berpendidikan Barat
o   Filipina dijanjikan akan diberi hak sama seperti bangsa Sepanyol, dijadikan wilayah Sepanyol dan diberikan kebebasan bersuara

2)    Liga Filipina
o   ditubuhkan oleh Jose Rizal pada 1892 bagi mendesak Sepanyol melakukan pembaharuan politik, ekonomi dan social
o   Sepanyol rasa terancam lalu menangkap Jose Rizal dan beliau dibuang negeri ke Dapitan di Mindanao
o   Jose Rizal dijatuh hukuman bunuh atas tuduhan terlibat dalam gerakan pemberontak
Tahap kedua
1.    Katipunan
ü  Katipunan ditubuhkan oleh Andres Bonifacia untuk memulakan penentangan radikal terhadap Sepanyol
ü  matlamatnya ialah menyatukan bangsa Filipina dan mencapai kemerdekaan melalui revolusi
ü  penyebaran fahaman Katipunan kepada rakyat melalui akhbar rasmi iaitu Kalayan
ü  Pada 1896, Katipunan melancarkan revolusi bersenjata untuk menggulingkan Sepanyol tetapi gagal
ü  pada 1897, Bonifacio telah dihukum mati oleh Emilio Aguinaldo selepas berlaku persengkataan antara mereka berdua dan Katipunan menjadi semakin lemah
ü  Emilio Aguinaldo menganggotai Katipunan yang dilantik sebagai Datuk Bandar di Cavite pada 1895 dan pada 1897, Aguinaldo dilantik sebagai Presiden Kerajaan Revolusi Filipina
ü  pada 1898, Aguinaldo telah mengadakan kerjasama dengan Amerika Syarikat dan berjaya mengusir Sepanyol
ü  pada 1899, Amerika tidak mengiktirafkan kemerdekaan Filipina yang dibuat oleh Aguinaldo kerana Amerika telah menguasai Filipina
ü  Revolusi perjuangan diteruskan oleh Aguinaldo sehingga ditangkap pada 1901

2.    Parti-parti Sederhana
ü  Amerika Syarikat terpaksa membenarkan penubuhan parti politik sederhana
ü  pada 1901, Sergio Osmena (Parti Nasional) memenangi pilihan raya dilantik mengetuai Dewan Perhimpunan
ü  Nasionalis Filipina hanya menuntut kemerdekaan pada 1930-an melalui Perlembagaan apabila pimpinan Amerika Syarikat lebih liberal

P/S: ahahaa ini merupakan kerja sejarah saya dan kawan baru saya, qayyum
esok, 24th of january, kami akan membentang ini nota di hadapan rakan2 kelas


warning! once i got used to you
you will see something uve neva seen before
my craziness *winkwink

Friday, January 21, 2011

so far..

hell! im freaking tired now :OO
ahahh school, not much to comment on~
except on 19th of january, it was d first day i was absent due to asthma

my opah has a nebulizer
so yeahh, used hers

:)) before this, me n my newfound buddies went out to catch a movie
Paranormal Activity 2 *winkwink
fuckinggg scaaaarrrryyyyy!! dat was my first n last try of watching horror at cinema tho
LOL bt seriously, ta tenang tido bbrpa following nytes
imagining will i..... okay, change d freaking subject now =,="

with Radha :)) he s aweshumly cool!

BTW, still hating my shorted hair XD but i dunnoo
smetimes, kinda liking it tho :)) looks younger n else~

FYI, im one of those people whose face is always changing - different thru times XD

newsfeed~ since d last update~~ ;))))
  1. less awkward at school, getting talkative noww hahaa
  2. my grndmuma wanted to live in an OLD FOLK's houz, said it eases her to pray n stuffs
  3. muhh borndayyy~~ <33333 turned 17 on 20th of january
hehh me, parents, syasya n eisya went to secret recipe to clbrate it

kucing ini sanad pemalas, juz lie down alll dayy loonggg


ahhaaa before the meals were touched

woohoo! puassssss XDD

semenjak guna garnier light, muka makin putih >,<
in class, my classbuddies were all singing a happy birthday songg to meee
:'DDDDDD amat tersentuhhh~~ they all wrote wishes on a piece of paper :))
with a doggie drawn, imma name it parkour~ ahahhh
n a gift from izzati :))) thank youu so muchh gurllll!!
she s been extra freakingg helpful to me, still remember,
on d first day of school, she asked me, "u ny melayu k?"
n then she told me, i dun look like a malayboyyyy
dunno whether its a good thing or not thoo ahahhh

hadiah drpd izzati aisyah :))))))
thxssssss gurllll!!! adoree yaa

hadiah drpd fohmottt XD
thxs soo muxh babyboyyyy :DDDD

last note: my first malay essay scores 63% :DDDD teerraaaamaaattt banggaaaaa!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and i say..

love is your definition
and i am - hopefully - perfectly perfect for you
to me you whispered, you are thanking god in such ways
of love that we doubted its truths n lies when things were once shaky
then u vowed, to be there to wash my tears away
to keep me above the ground, keep me safe with your hugs and kisses
and guide me if my eyes were shut,of darkness and slow fading songs
you would light a candle up, and play the music
ones that u sing to me in dreams n my playlist
poems are the beauty of words, lyrics are darling confessions,
call me with love, fire and passion

Saturday, January 08, 2011


hating awkward moments =,="
especially as a newbie in town
plus, mummy said, it s gonna take at most 4 months for me to fit in
woddaafuuxxxkkk?? DDDDDD: double triple my heartbeats tho!
bcuz yeah, first, i tried d hardest to pull thru back in aussie
n i needed moreee than 4 months to make it
n juz when i was used to OZ's environment, i ve to go back to msia
stupid malaysia! :)) ahah bt yeahh, juz wish dat it wont be dat looongg
or else, im gonna swim back to OZ for sure, n then, have to repeat d procedures again =,="
DANGGGG mummymummy, can i juz stay at one place? PUHH-LEASEEE????

back in 9/99, Clydesdale Street <3
love this moment~ my 2nd outing tho~~

latest passion

goin back to msia's school opens up a door for me
destination: engineering drawing ;))
oh god, first time eva i did an LK thing, n it was FUN!
ahah first-timer babe :PP o cos im gonna b jakun~
well, i still have to cover my form 4's topics tho
n for that, i ve tuitions to catch up - and for other subjects
DD: huwhuw BTW, still waiting for my hair to grow long again *winks

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

assessment for new year

: Nama Penuh Anda :
Abdul Khalid ARUMI Abdul Mubbin
*Keturunan yg Kekal Sebagai Hamba Allah
Hamba Allah yg Jelas, Nyata dan terang~

: Nama Kurang Penuh Anda :
KHAL~ my daddy calls me dat seldomlyyy

: Umur Anda Menjelang 2011 :
17 babyy~ ;)) next year boleh kawen afta school~

: Perkara Yg Xdpt Dilupakan Pada 2010 :

: Perkara Yg Berlaku Pada 2010 & Berharap Berlaku Pada 2011 :

umm, my chances of doing my arts~ :DD dancing, ponteng ta busted ;))

: 1 Perkataan Utk Menggambarkan 2010 :


: 2 Perkataan Utk 2011 :


: Perasaan Menjelang 2011 :MIXED EMOS babe ;) some parts r hating it, othas juz flow wth d directions
woteve there are, juz wish i owned DORAEMON's wonder pocket~

: Luahan Yg Ikhlas Semasa Jawab Tag Ini :at d beginning, it felt fine, n later on, as i gave a thought on my new SMK,
dangggg!! pressure me dat tense!

: Sambung Ayat Ini :Sy berharap agar tahun 2011 ini . . . . . .
habis dgn cepat kerana im sooo done schooling with fashion-limited-crisis
ahahh, n yupp, my freaking SPM!! DD:
hope i d pull thru wth flying colours~~
last, i hope my 2011 would b a hell of a year tho~~
since it s d last chance for me, schooling in a highschool
afta dis, no more SMK's :')))

Monday, January 03, 2011

of school, SPM, brain and blood

new school = new to everything
SMK MENJALARA, my last highschool, wish me fo d best!
so yeah, now dat im back to malaysia, there s a hell lot to catch up

my first day~ awkward, self-conscious, confusing, BUZZZFUL, and TIREDDD
huwhuw got my textbooks, n had to walk home by 2.5 km, along wth em thickk books
but still, it s arryte tho~ quite an exercise~ i really need to put down some kg s tho :PP
heyheyy, lama ta pkay baju seperti itu~ putih hijau~~ ahah
thx god, i made some new buddies, izzati, rada, samuel, sabrina, n othas dat i ve no idea wot their names are, n some i ve forgotten already =,= hey brainee, get active!
hmm, so yeahh, wish me for d best okayy? my 2011, it starts off to be awkwardd tho
ahah but hell, who cares? i ll try to b d best of me, as a new student, as an SPM candy~

walking HOME~ see that? d pile of books behind me? yeahh, dat s d burden
n some, i put em into my bag, fuckin heavyyyy

new playlist

it seems dat im starting to liking malay indo songs now
ahahh but yeahh, juz d old ones, cuz they give me dat much of flashbacks
  1. Berlebihan - agness
  2. Matahariku - agness
  3. Terlalu Istimewa - adibah noor
  4. Kenangan Terindah - samsons
  5. Ayat Ayat Cinta - rossa
  6. Dekat Padamu - yusry
  7. Sandaran Hati - letto
  8. Ruang Rindu - letto
  9. Sebelum Cahaya - letto
  10. Permintaan Hati - letto
  11. Kau Ilhamku - man bai
  12. Berhenti Berharap - sheila on7
heh except fo d top one, agness's Berlebihan, dats a new-to-the-list
a friend of mine told me of dat song on FB, THXS FARHAN ;))
n yeahh, fall in love wth d song on d spot babee :DD
well, it is on d list, but yeahh

Saturday, January 01, 2011

my 2010

ladiesANDgentleman.. boys and girls.. cross ur fingas fo d best of 2011 ;))

ohh, if i could, i wanna stop these rules about life goes on, aint waiting for freakin anybody
:'(( ho ho but yeahh, i know my place, i know my title :))
reasons? hell! a lot of em! :PP one thing i learnt is, life is about choices to make
if possible, the wisest ones ;)) no regrets now, keep ur chin up boyyy~
awhkayy,, -AUSTRALIA- where at one point, while deciding decisions,
i wasnt very happy. aint keen to move away tho.
but yeahh, thru my painful efforts getting used to d atmosphere, i met some amazing rockin people, them whom i call friends~ <33
n for the first time ever, i did my arts like never before :DDDD
where i first: paint (BIG TIME), draw real faces, knowing wot da hell is acrylic, charcoal drawings, sculpt with a range of themes, DANCE, meet arts lovers and otha personal stuffs~ ;)) thanks Miss Laves and Mr Glass~ i m an adoring fan of yous~

first time ever i draw a real person :) not bad tho heeee

kinda like, my arts debut back in aussie :PP

i love my arts~ ahahaa

my last artwork

around d year, i met my candyhottie, who had been helping me a lott since, a one-year-older-cool-buddy; azim, shaff babehh, n otha badasses~ LOL
n yeahh, me myself has seen me changed so much ;)) met a lot of odds, n still getting thru em obstacles~

so, 2011! surprise me~ *winkwink with new of everything!! :)) friends n magics