Saturday, January 01, 2011

my 2010

ladiesANDgentleman.. boys and girls.. cross ur fingas fo d best of 2011 ;))

ohh, if i could, i wanna stop these rules about life goes on, aint waiting for freakin anybody
:'(( ho ho but yeahh, i know my place, i know my title :))
reasons? hell! a lot of em! :PP one thing i learnt is, life is about choices to make
if possible, the wisest ones ;)) no regrets now, keep ur chin up boyyy~
awhkayy,, -AUSTRALIA- where at one point, while deciding decisions,
i wasnt very happy. aint keen to move away tho.
but yeahh, thru my painful efforts getting used to d atmosphere, i met some amazing rockin people, them whom i call friends~ <33
n for the first time ever, i did my arts like never before :DDDD
where i first: paint (BIG TIME), draw real faces, knowing wot da hell is acrylic, charcoal drawings, sculpt with a range of themes, DANCE, meet arts lovers and otha personal stuffs~ ;)) thanks Miss Laves and Mr Glass~ i m an adoring fan of yous~

first time ever i draw a real person :) not bad tho heeee

kinda like, my arts debut back in aussie :PP

i love my arts~ ahahaa

my last artwork

around d year, i met my candyhottie, who had been helping me a lott since, a one-year-older-cool-buddy; azim, shaff babehh, n otha badasses~ LOL
n yeahh, me myself has seen me changed so much ;)) met a lot of odds, n still getting thru em obstacles~

so, 2011! surprise me~ *winkwink with new of everything!! :)) friends n magics 

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