Monday, January 03, 2011

new playlist

it seems dat im starting to liking malay indo songs now
ahahh but yeahh, juz d old ones, cuz they give me dat much of flashbacks
  1. Berlebihan - agness
  2. Matahariku - agness
  3. Terlalu Istimewa - adibah noor
  4. Kenangan Terindah - samsons
  5. Ayat Ayat Cinta - rossa
  6. Dekat Padamu - yusry
  7. Sandaran Hati - letto
  8. Ruang Rindu - letto
  9. Sebelum Cahaya - letto
  10. Permintaan Hati - letto
  11. Kau Ilhamku - man bai
  12. Berhenti Berharap - sheila on7
heh except fo d top one, agness's Berlebihan, dats a new-to-the-list
a friend of mine told me of dat song on FB, THXS FARHAN ;))
n yeahh, fall in love wth d song on d spot babee :DD
well, it is on d list, but yeahh

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