Friday, December 17, 2010


wish life was a lomography
even a plain view, could become an awesome scenery
by the way, these are lomographies~

a friend of mine told me about this lomography stuff
think her name is emilia, we aren't that close though
just a lil bit of chit chat, and that's it :))
back to my wish, if life were a lomography
everything seems easier (at least, almost everything)
no need to please anyone, no need to race anything, no need to reason everything
just live the damn life and die =,= okay, not that easy, but you guys understand it
well, maybe it is just me who wish this kinda thing heh
whatever the outcome of life is, i wish i did the best out of me

BTW, i ain't good at photography =,=
just love checking some cool photos out babehh~

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