Thursday, December 16, 2010

additional class, holy days

heh as some of yous knew, i have to take tuitions as to catch up wth msia studies
=,= how much am i hating dis ryte now.. grr but yeahh, neva mind my laziness tho
add maths.. chemistry.. physics.. no biology, BUT i love bio okayy? haha
but guess dis is fo d best tho~ i have my visual arts and my lukisan kejuruteraan~
but gotta say, on 15th, wednesday, (yesterday),,
it was pretty calming tho.. syasya sofina taught me addmaths
up to chapter two now~ n loving it! chapter one, not so ahah

heh muka sedyh ny...

sorry, gumba tidak clear :P, but still
u look hot asya *winkwink

ouhh, forgot to mention, afta addmaths,
me n eisya buad craft works~ ahahh lukis semua~

hah! amek kao! mcm pocket doraemon tgk
berbagai ada dlm uh :PP

us, togetha~ we r known as eirumi haha
or khaisya or eilid or aruisya~ woww..

dats my brotha, latiff arumi :))
time ny pegi shopping kejap, n then drop eisya, HOME~ :))

conclusion is, i love dis kind of day
na study un best jewp rasa :))) not as usual ahah
damnn hard to undastand a single thinggg =,="
so, wish me luck giggle~ merry xmas babehh~~

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