Friday, December 24, 2010

surprised me

sanggup kowunk k rumah khalid naek bus drpd sg buloh
ohh, touches my heart~ LOL
but yeahh, thxs so much for cominggg
fuxk yeahh, i had d chance to have fun with otha besties
scharell, razz, zero, awe n shark~
n yeahh, welcome to my houz shark :)) he s new
first of all, we all swam in d swimming pool at block B of my condo houz
played some games~ did some tricks ahah flipback, canonball, mermaid, wot else?? LOL
snapped some pics n afta awhile, got tired n went out to grab some lunch~
at Restoran Barkath <3 ahah hell expensive tho!! DDD:
so, juz ate two roti canais :)) later on, me n d guys separated by d T junction in fronna my houz huw..huw.. ta ta guysss~ scharell n shark r gonna go to kedah, study there
n razz my apelicious, BFF is going to johr, move there
wait, JOHR? ahah *winkwink ada malaikat d sana tawu ta? LOL *flying kisses ahah
this is my thank you to u guys ;)) for coming here all d way juz to spend some time with me LOVE u guys :)) until next time babehh~
*memorial pics below

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