Friday, December 17, 2010


okay, for the first time ever,
i wanna plan something for myself~
:DD its's called, lists 2 b done b4 i turn 30~
so, here we go *winkwink

  1. designed my own house
  2. pet animals, possibly ferret, cat, hamster
  3. somebody bought my artwork~
  4. traveled for leisure with my buddies
  5. dance lessons ;))
  6. made it to fame LOL
  7. dressed up in smart coats, etc to work
  8. touched a lion (i m serious)
  9. designed apparels~ such as bangles, pants, blablabla
  10. perfected teeth :BB
  11. having a stable job, cool incomes, house on my own or with buds
  12. paying for meals during family outings~ $$$
  13. invited to a fashion show <33
  14. knew many stuffs about designing, critical ones
  15. won a drawing/painting/sculpting competition
  16. my masterpieces are published anywhere, or auctioned or just exhibited
  17. perfect body woohoo!! ahaha no pimples and stuffs, awesome hairstyle!
  18. bought at least 30 expensive clothings/etc by my own money
  19. met christina aguilera <3
  20. still a virgin LMAO
ahah and yupp, many more tho, but for now, these wot i come up with *winkwink

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