Thursday, December 16, 2010

my 42 minutes survey~

My 42 minutes survey~

Starting time: 0808
Name : Abdul Khalid Arumi Abdul Mubbin aka Khal aka Xrumi aka Bungla
Brother(S) : Abdul Latiff Arumi Abdul Mubbin
Eye colour : darkkk brown
Shoe Size : 7 =,=
Hair : edgy, black, adam lambert-ish
Piercing : someday ahaha
Height : 165, still growingg~
What are you wearing right now : pale green shirt, black 3-quarts shorts, bangles, necklaces :33
Where do you live : C-5-2, Medan Putra Condo, Bndar Menjalara, Kepong :DD d jemput yee~
Favourite Number : 3, 6, 7, 27
Favourite Drink : recently, plain water
Favourite month : January, May, August
Favourite Breakfast : sausages, eggs, cereals :)))


Broken a bone : hell noo DD:
Been In a police Car : hell nahhh
Fallen for a friend : hell yeahh :PP
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : before I meet d one *winkwink
Swam In the ocean : oyyeahh, almost drown, brotha saved me <3
Fallen asleep In school : haha suree~
Broken someone's Heart : most likely
Cried when someone died : no (or at least, not yet), grandparenz passd away long b4 I was born
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : yupp yupp, with all muh hopes up
Saved E-mails : yesssss, =,=
Been cheated : nawww~ all of muh exs are angelic :33


Your room look a like : mummy said, kandang singa, daddy said, ta senonoh, I said, so wot? :P
What is right beside you : FJ, maxxie, comforter <33
What is the last thing you ate : Cadburryyyy chocciesss :DDDDD


Who did you last tell : a close friend of mine
Who was the last person you danced with : my triplets cuzies, muadz, umair n hudzaifah
Who last made you smile : fahmi, azim, cuzies, myself :)))


What are you listening to right now : Dirrty by Christina “Xtina” Maria Aguilera
What did you do today : uploaded piccie of us, hangin out at OU
Are you the oldest : ahah no, im d 3rd of three ahah, d youngest :PP
Indoors or outdoors : indoors babehh~ outdoors=depends


Talk to someone you like : I swear, I met my candyhunny in muh dream (does dat count?)
Kiss someone : hehh.. yeahh, on d cheek babehh ;))
Sing : oh god, juz when I woke up, I sang d song castle wall by TI featuring Xtina (coz, her part)
Talk to an Ex : today? No, but yeahh, we still contact each other, we ve become bestbuddies now
Miss someone? : fuckin yeahhhh!! :’OO
Eat : Cadburry choccies, ahaha


You talked on the phone to : “mummy, where r u??”
Made you cry : d song hurt by xtina, feels like she s singing it to me~~ huu
You went to the mall with : ahahh cuzie, Eisya n her peers, and,,, AZIMMMMM!! :DD
Who cheered you up : my candyyhottie :33 juz by readin all of our msssges make me high on d sky above


Been to Mexico? : err, I ve eaten Nachos, does dat count?? :PP
Been to USA? : Party In The USA~ Miley Cyrus <3


Have a crush on someone : now? Fuckin yeahhh!!
What books are you reading right now : GALAXIE, HOT, HELLO :))
Best feeling in the world : when im working on my arts, it s an obsession buddy
Future kids name : ahah boy= afham fariz arumi~ gurll= Christina Aguilera~ boleh? hahaa
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : yuppyupp, my FJ n my hew <3
What's under your bed : colour pencils, guitar, mags, etc :33
Favourite sports : swimming, badminton, indoors :))))
Favorite place : my dark n gloomy room, my arts studio (somedayy~)
Who do you really hate : selfish, COPYCATS, plagiarists, and so on~
Do you have a job : most of em r temporaries ;))
What time is it now : 0850

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