Monday, December 06, 2010

lets get wet! ;)

this entry is actually from 2009
when i was 15
hehh most of my entries are from that particular year
me, razak, shahril n putra went to hanna syazana's houz
serendah, rawang :DD
she is our bestie <3 also known as nana sasana
at the time, she just moved away from our neighborhood
and yeahh, we went there as to visit her,
ANDD, as the title conveys,
lets get wett! hahaa

short video of us all, jumping from a not so high cliff
bhahaa not even a cliff i d sayyy

hehhh we had so much fun back at the days
now,, hmm, dunnoo
no comment =,=
(btw, christmas s getting close noww~)

on a giant rock
:33 guess which one is me
haha aint it obvious?!

so now, we re looking forward for a brighter future guysss
we re growing up now,
as we get older, we have more responsibilities n otha shits,
but yeahh, we are all a fighter, never back down,

makes me that much stronger,
makes me work a lil bit harder,
makes me that much wiser,
so thanks for making me, a fighter,

makes me learn a lil bit faster,
makes my skin a lil bit thicker,
makes me that much smarter,
so thanks for making me, a fighter.

US, untuk selamanya...

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