Friday, December 24, 2010

in my blood, foreva will be

d subject is, ARTS <33 my obsession~ heh

i started to draw when i was in kindy :)) my teacher, asked us to draw a bear
and so my class did, and yeahh, d first compliment ever on my ARTWORK~
she said mine was the best, and everyone was surrounding me, buzzing with wows n ouhs
so, dat scene had inspired me to becoming an ARTS lover :))
then, today, n insyaAllah, till the day i die, i wont stop at ARTS, NEVER!

still, i have to learn MOREEE because yeahh, i ve neva had an actual ARTS class before
except when i was in CSC :)) years before that, in malaysia, the teachas aint dat enthusiastic to teach us tho, LOL
usually, "okay, sekarang, buat kerja sendiri dgn senyap" :PP
even if there were, not really a class, they juz wanted u to do it, n woteva d outcome is, THERE IT IS~ GOOD JOB!! =,=" but heyy,, wheres all the theories n stuffs? DD':
no, i think i was d only one who wished dat wish :33  hoping dat whoeva in charged for teaching ARTS would actually teach us ARTS, d foundations n stuffs

now, i know i have to strive on my own ;)) n maybe with the helps of friends by my side
*drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, singing, printmaking, photography (not so) n etc :PP

P/S: once, i always hold my pencil when im off to bed. pencils soothe me :))

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