Tuesday, March 29, 2011

actually, i ve been running away from medic checkup at school for 10 long successful years :PP
but tough luck honey, this fuckin year, no one announces anything about d healthy act =,="" so, i feel kinda betrayed LOL
damn it, i had to get my teeth tampal-ed today at school
just one tooth only but still, NO ONE TOUCHES MY TEETH! :B
hoho but to think of it again, "grow up arumi, this is for ur own sake biatch" :333333333333333 *hehh okay arumi~

Friday, March 25, 2011

note to life

tired of living =,=
wow, sounds suicidal though
nahh, actually, tired of living with these craps
love dat once built me a fence n kept me safe inside
now, hushhhh~~ gone with d wind babyy~
nyeh nyeh nyehhh =.=""
whoteva, daaaa~~~
*damn u calciyum, i am still a shorty shawty shorty

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


heh juz watched KAMI for d second time today
so yeah, i cried at d part where d guy dies (cant rememba his name)
hmm, wondering how many of us would actually make it out there
even i doubt myself though DD:
hohhh whoteve will be n will not be, along with perseverance, best of luck out there :)) may gob bless us all~~
P/S: tomorrow is 2010's SPM candies' biggest day, results r coming out~ as for me, half says "i cant wait to get it over with" n d otha half says, "pleaseeeeeee godddd, let miracle shine over me, stop such cruelty"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

dunno if this is considered weird to ya guys or not
as usual, asthma attacks me due to overlimit-physical-activity
but one thing sets today apart than d others
my hands were hell shaky when i was doin academic stuffs
but they were superfine when i was playing with my arts; drawing
guess even my blood rejects them numbers, grammar n facts
n within myself, now i know i was born in love with arts :'))

Friday, March 18, 2011

LOL with them - part sexto

on thursday, me n mum went to my cuzo's houz
lounged around idly XD oh yeahh, did a lil dance steps with em, laughed about, snapped some pics n blablablaahhhblaahhhhhh
oh oh, my super grandma s gonna move to an old folks houz, sunday
all of us were totally against it at first but yeah, this is her life, her decision, she said, she wanted to focus on her religious obligation without any disruptions from her daily routines :'))
but, hell yeahh we re gonna keep visiting her, make sure she s doing awesome as usual~~

P/S: i am named after her late husband, Khalid *winkwink

Thursday, March 17, 2011

love like woe

motif having love like woe as d title?
haha because d song is awesome~~
also, got a behind-the-scene-story XD not much really,
juz would love to clarify, at this moment,
i dun really want or need to have those mixed emotions like them young lovers are experiencing now :) may sound cheesy, but i am khalid arumi and i approve this message! :PP hehh
juz wanna focus my everything on my arts now, mum, dad, i ll show u guys what is in my blood, so i ll prove that arts is my thang~ :33

LOL with them - part quinta

okay on d fifth day, it was relaxing (finally)
well, still had home tuition tho, but yeahh~
other than that, plain flat :) sleeping around d clock~~~~~
oh oh, mummy cooked coconut rice today
or popularly known as nasi lemak ;)))
oh yeah, got myself to boredom, made a prank call,
well, sort off :PP sorry adam, azim n ray, cool okayy? ahahh XD

LOL with them - part cuarto

introducing, amirul syafiq~ he was my bestfriend n my ex-neighbor,
younger by one year, shorter by several cm's :P haha sorry boy
seperated for 4 years tho n thxs facebook for uniting us back~
miss u la budakk :))
on d fourth day, me, amirul syafiq, nazim, adam n rayy hung out at mid valley~ *havent been there for such a loooongg timee
oh ohh, this day, 15th of march is my daddy's birthday~
so, at first, me, mum n dad went to KL sentral, having our brunch at secret recipe~
birthdayBOY, stay awesome okayy? ;)

actually, was waiting for amirul n ray to arrive tho
*it was amirul's first time, haha chillax bro :P selamat sampaikann?
once all of us got there, took KTM train to mid valley~
met azim n adam at Maccas, ray was having his meal
then, watched RANGO!! damn i looikee the moviee!!! :DD

 haha my fave part~ :PP

hoot hoot

howeva, azim slept thru out d movie :BBB 
DUSHH punya budakk =,="
finished with d movie, walked around to find karaoke haven
but tough luck babe, hell expensive = im a first timer XD so i dunno much, then with broken-hearted, walked away n wander about~

 with amirul syafiq
 azim, adam, arumi :D wah~ triple a's!
adam darwish~ semoga berbahagia okay? ;))

 haha chomell jewp dua jejakas nyh :P
amirul, anda berbakat dlm seni okay?
jgn pernah berhenti :)
 woofwoof! haha *tetbe
with a lepasan SPM :)
hey, good luck okay azim on facing the outside world~
later on, we helped amirul on which shades, necklace n otha stuffs that are looking hot on him :P but yeah, time was not a friend,
had to go home early though~ but yeah, will be seeing them again this saturday *winkwink
amirul n me took d same train, first, because sg buloh (him) n kepong sentral (me) are actually bersebelahan sahaja
2nd, we re gonna get off at kepong sentral coz my daddy would pick us up and send amirul straight to his house, so no need for him to wait for once-in-a-blue-moon-bus =,=
after dropping amirul off, we had dinner
oh oh, hayatilah dialog ini yeahh? ;))

"adik, adik nak minum apa? akak dh tanya dh kawan awak tuh"
"hah? kawan? itu ayah saya lahhh"
"oh ye kee? mudanya diaa, patutlah AWAK HANDSOME"
*blushing/bangga "haha hari ni harijadi dia" :))

and with the awesome dialogue,, d fourth day ended~
set home and kroohh kroohh kroohhhhhh :B

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LOL with them - part tres

on d 3rd day, it was a dad-son-day-out :P
went out with my daddy
actually to have our pictures taken for visa application
our plan is, next year, me and mum r gonna fly to canberra, australia
no more perth baby :) but still have d same dilemma of a boy
so,,, whoteve~~
we talked about stuffs, like new movies, latest news, etc
stopped by at studio, daddy got some biz n yeahh, did a tour on my own :PP that s about it, daa~~ lol

LOL with them - part duo

second day, my cuzo, eisya khairi asked me to hang out along her friends, so i said "hell yeahh!!" :DD *location: One Utama
first activity, taught her d difference between GSC n TGV =,=
i dunno whether she understood or zero in d brain..
hoho nev mindd tho XD
at GSC, me n her guy friend, nik queued up while eisya n her chick friend wandered around, but it s alright, they bought a packet of Famous Amos <3 :DD thanks girls~
Beastly. the movie that we watched n it was awesomeee~~

even the starting was HOT hahaa
just when would i have d same smexay bod?
alahh kau, dok mengguling atas katil then tidur, bangun makan melalak tidur =,="

oyyeah, fall in love with mary kate olsen though
still think it would be more epic
if both olsen twins were in d movie
but yeahh, looking fierce and gorgy at d same time babe ;)

and as for vanessa, hohh~~
she s a blooming rose, thats for sure :))

the protagonist, alex pettyfer!! woohooo!!! love him, but not obsessed (yet) :PP 

grabbed our lunch after d movie at Burger King,
and then karaoke-ed~~~ :DDD i sang 3 songs
just the way you are, fighter and love the way you lie (chorus)
later on, my mum called, asking me n eisya to go meet em
time to go home and buhbye eisya's buddies~ thxs fo inviting me :D

LOL with them - part uno

since d first day of holidays, i d done nothing but hanging out with friends n families :P
last saturday (1st day), i went to Bukit Bintang, meeting Nazim Nasri aka Dato' Siti's clone~ *hey you, please dont ask me to go somewhere i dunno about T_T  might get lost..
owhh, and met Rahimi Saliman aka Pixie Ray for d first time *d very first time doesnt count since it was juz about, less than two minutes? haha u looked frightened tho atm
back to d topic, i arrived early they were late tho =,=
managed to buy shades and T's before they were even dekat with BB
so yeah, as Nazim got there, we sat down at a restaurant
n Ray arrived (finally), because before, we did plan on meeting but ERL train (one he took) was a no show =,=
first impression: shy babehh :P
.......... damn malas to type noww
so, imma serve d pictures taken chronologically okay? ;)

Pixie Ray, Clone, Xrumi :)

woohoo!! all d pins are DOWNN biatches!! XD

hoyyeahh, n that is that
off to home n daa~ tidoqqq :33

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


one of my vices is, i am hell hard to trust someone
but at the same time, i tend to put u on a test
either it s selfish or plain stupid
this is my drama, sometimes i know ur real intention, sometimes i guess it out, but cliche says, humans are all d same
BUT i wanna rumble it up a bit, humans are humans
we might resemble each other, same sense of passion or whatsoeva,
in d end, there is that one small box, keeping secrets and smiles,
which only us ourselves have d matching imaginary key
so yeah, back to my point, :PP
sometimes i am bitchy. seriously, i am sometimes.
BUT lets b honest, it s also called independent, in anotha way around :) hold ur head up boy, it is time for u to love urself now~

Monday, March 14, 2011

of today

juz spoke out what s bugging me lately
to you, i know d word "sorry" cant make this up
but yeahh, i am sorry

so now, one less worrying reason for me to think about
because eventually, next year maybe, i ll be migrating to aussie
i dunno if i'd told u this matter or not, but i think i had
but as my aunt says, "life goes on"

*d truth is, i dun wanna go back in there :'( the starting over thing


right now, i build myself a fence,
as d time goes by, it builds up a home,
so i would have d chance to stay safe,
or just being me, in my shelter from the eyes n ears,
either isolating or out casted,
still, i know my ground, d solid i m grasping on to,
from d outsiders' lies and truths,
because now, it s nothing than a barricade, neither fence nor home,
just an artistic barricade of mine.

love games

remember? u were there for me when i was down, major down
n slowly, u owned my heart, my naive heart
u taught me lil things, big things, d momentous ones
n i cant thank you enough, but words r d only thing i could portrait
either a masterpiece or a doodle, still, they emerge from my heart
like i said, it would be a lie if i claim i dun love u anymore
but somehow, somewhere in the middle, whatever it is,
i know it s my fault, one of d things that i m good at actually, :'P
n no, when i told u i wanted to break, my tone wasnt sad at all,
it was not that i am "xde perasaan", what s d point of pouring all of my emotions when d main is, it is over? it wont plaster anything except for hardening us both
or maybe i am juz an ego bitch? or maybe both?
bottom line is, u told me to not show weaknesses
i have to be strong right? so, from now on, i ll try to b independent
i know u are mad at me now, but i dunno on scale of one to ten,
how much would u point at, n i know u have d right to be
it s ur choice, juz dat, im asking u to do these for me, (might b d last time though)
please; forgive me, dun stay mad at me, keep in touch
i dunno if these are too hard to do, like i mentioned juz now,
it s ur choice
so yeahh, i wish u happiness n success candy
whatever u do, wherever u are, take care okay?
until next time, bye n assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wamaghfiratuh waridhwanuh :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

say yeahh~

another one mark, i ll get A for my arts T_T
but but,, not bad for a NOOB rytee? XD
hoyyeahh~ so cheer up boyy!!
btw, holy-days start from,, NOWW!!
lama tunggu yeah budak? :'DDD hehh ha'ahh :P
gonna kick it off first with meeting "dato' siti" n pixie ray
shopping till we drop babehh *winkwink
dgn lafaz bismillahirrahmanirrahim, semoga cuti kali ini awesomee~~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

physics - chapter two

do ya guys know what the hell is a Van de Graaff?

haha i juz knew that thingy today XD
hoyyeahh! td i volunteered myself to experiment it
dekatkan rambut j dgn metal dome tu, the big sphere thing
tough luck baby, rambut i terbakar =,=""""
TERBAKAR! BURNT UP! ganas gila mende alah uh
at first, i juz like moving muh head closer to it
then "TAPP!!!" there was a shock on my hair strands :PP
bt yeahh, not that bad though. juz a small oneee
klaw tidak, ho ho~~ *winkwink

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


i juz bought a new sketchbook~
so far, 7 pages have been used XD

okay~ ini dua j yg lawa, others aint gooddd :BB
haha buhbyee :)


i got sick pretty often lately
asthmatic EVERY NIGHT
fever comes back and forth
oh yeahh, my boness (vertebrate, knees, shoulder) always cracks!
dayyumm, im not thaatt oldd okayy? T_T

that s my lovely systa back there
she is back in her college now
juz had two days to spend together
but yeahh, more to half of a day
my family was fuckin busy last friday&sat&sund
but yeah, i wish u success sys! ;)) and HAVE FUN!

Monday, March 07, 2011

what now?

this is the second time u turn off our connection (1st time, skype n now facebook chat) while we re chatting just to show ur disappointment of me.
u know what? i m pretty much had it enough. dah penat.
yes, i did tell u if i could, i ll visit u in johor.
but my parents wont allow me. so, what do i ve to do now?
we have a hell lot of time. after SPM later. so what?
even if u marah or sedih, at least berbincang lah.
i m actually confused now. yeah, i still remember, u told me that u re sensitive and possessive but NO, that is NOT a reason to hurt me.
i have faith in u, i told u i wanna feel safe but now? not even a slightest bit candy. but yeah, i wish u happiness of what u did. ur hatred really came thru to me, so thanks okay?

hey babi, mulut kau mcm jahanam tahu?

this entry is dedicated to the biggest bitch eva

Friday, March 04, 2011

Thursday, March 03, 2011

dark narrative

haha blurr rytee? mestilah,,
kali ni na update psal PELAJARAN ;))

Okay, i got some of my exam results, but the marks are confidential
:PP ho ho~ ~
juz wanna update about my english essay, continuous writing.
so yeahh, don't laugh okayy? :)))

  He could not believe what he saw with his own bare eyes. Everything that was so called "forever and ever" had burnt with eternal jealousy of his own best friend. This is a story, or more of a lament of a man, named Christopher.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

arts test

finally, finished my arts test XD
for theory, no comment~
for practical, choose one from 6 questions
i chose number one, had to draw two fishes in a small aquarium
at a close range, focusing on movement, surfacing and colour

this one is the draft, bad rytee? haha
nev mind thatt

hoyyeahh~ fish number one - practice

fish numba two - practice
ta semegah mana un XD

and thennn~ the real deal babehh~~ ;)))

okay i know it doesnt look that aweshum
but at least, please say cool :)))

different from the planning ayy? ahahh
BUT it took a hell lonngggg time to fnish it
started at the first bell n finished it at the second the last bell rang
n trust me, even that isnt enough, still got moreee to add on
owh god, how am i gonna fnish my work during SPM then
ho ho nev mindd, juz wanna smile now for this is THE FIRST TIME EVER i finished my painting in an exam XD
before this, never did manage to paint em all

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

pasal hati

stuffs that push my button :)

  1. treat me as if i am a complete idiot or childish. u dunno me that much so stop telling me that is for my sake. fact is, it s for your own good.
  2. mess my arts up except if i said "it s okay, knock urself out".
  3. controlling asshole. i am no one's but HIS. so things i did n did not r my biz. u re not in position to question em.
  4. do something that puts me to humiliation or in pain as if i have no damn idea. 
  5. copying what s mine. the way i talk, dress, work or anything.
  6. pretend everything is alright after u ve done me wrong.
  7. competitive. not everything in life is to be won. mostly, there s not even a competition at all. 
  8. claim something that i neva said or confessed. if u cant understand wot am i up to, ask me, not prejudging n thus tell everyone i am that and that.
  9. impelling me to do what eva you wanted me to obey after i said NO. has the world changed that a NO can be defined as "maybe" or "30% yes"?
  10. assume we are the same. meaning: u speak as if we live the same life, so every problem we have is similar, so u understand all of my reasons, so u know everything, so i hope u would understand my sarcasms.