Wednesday, May 25, 2011


juz had my visual arts exam today, starting with objective/theory first
gotta say, most of em was tembak-ed only =,="
sorryyyyyyyyy ceekkkgguuu XDDD

but yeah, actually my brain was freaking worried about the second paper, the practical one~
the question i chose was about fisherman, boats, birds, river's mouth, blablabla
and these are the horrible designs i did T__T

hell ugly ryte? ahhaaa
btw, i almost gave up on this question
but i guess sometimes in life, we would encounter hard times,
thinking that no solution could cure or change,
but yeah, i guess i still remember the vow i made to myself,
"no matter what happens, never give up on arts"
and the highlight was, i cried when i finished painting them.. HAHA =,= i knew i wasnt good/skilled enough to be the best of the best
feels kinda stupid though, crying over things like this
i dunno, whatever reason it was, it taught me to not give in

this is the one i did during the exam and me myself was shocked cuz based on my drafts or whatever u call em, they were disastrous T__T but please dun get me wrong, im not being snobbish or anything, depends on u to judge but yeah, my love is arts, so, peace out hotties~ ;)) pray for me to seize my dream as an artist one day~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

could u see tears running down my face?

takrifkan cinta padaku lalu buktikannya,
namun jika rahsiamu itu tidak pasti,
perlahankan bicara perihal cinta,
kerana manakan hati sanggup berdarah,
selepas kepercayaan dipertaruh atas nama kasih dan mati..

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha =,="
what if someone new, someone u hardly know of, n also, that particular someone knows nothing of you except your face said the word "love" and expected u to be on the journey as well?
well, to me personally, i would rather have one friend than hundreds of lovers n it hurts by thaaaaaatt much knowing that lust is the only reason why i am chosen to b a friend, n thus being asked to be a sell out? haha this bitch here doesnt think so ;3
conclusion, i am used to being called the bad guy in every relationship i had, but i have my reasons n perspectives that i know, no stranger would ever nod at, except if u re a total weirdo like me, then i'd say u would XD

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i aint extravaganza, just another ordinary persona

think im gettin tired of people assuming i am this and that, without a confrontation even
so called; judgin a book by its cover, prejudging me as how they wanted to, blablablaa

the least u can do is ask me in the first place =,=
well, i do have histories of biting people when im angry but never did it involve blood or death..

*sighhh i will always feel insecure, uncomfortable, etc with myself if this kind of people always act out as gravity, never forget to pull us down by their words T__T curse youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
"we are beautiful, in every single way, no matter what they say, words can't bring us down" - christina maria aguilera <3

Thursday, May 12, 2011


still in mid-year-exam mode now.. *sighhh
n lately, i would sometimes think what would it be like during the real deal, talking about SPM here~
n i ve heard this kind of phase, like you are thinking way deep about life and what would it lead u to, but yeahh
glad im having this now rather than at one point where some doors are already closed before me..........................

=,= what am i bullshaiting now actually? is this called stress perchance? whateva,, wish me luck hotties :)) wo aini~

Sunday, May 01, 2011


"Jiwa korang diumpamakan tapak pasar malam manakala kawan-kawan korang penjajanya. Sebelum diorang datang, jiwa korang terasa kosong dan hambar..

Jiwa korang diumpamakan tapak pasar malam manakala kawan-kawan korang penjajanya. Kawan baik pasti tinggalkan sesuatu setelah mereka tiada nanti.."

:DD i juz love the quotations above XD
got it from the comic UTOPIA HIGH *REUNION* by Slaium
in sarcastic way, he praises friendship :) hmm, now thinking of becoming a cartoonist~ howeva, everytime i draw the same character, everything changes - from hairstyle to shoes size to the storyline =,=  *mama, can i stay in malaysia for a lil bit longer? B))

effing lazy

i ve been nothing but a lazy arse these days =,=
orang bujang, biaselahh~ XD
hoho n this body of mine is getting cuter and cuter now..
sedihhh perangaii T__T
oh oh, actually, i ve registered as a member at celebrity fitness~
BUT it is in LOT 10.. have to take KTM, monorail n walk n walk n up until at the destination, i would have burnt every fat in muh sexy ass
come to think of it, i may just love the idea of working out, not working out itself though
gettin blurry? so do i :33