Thursday, December 02, 2010

Como Secondary College - part duo

done wth d river cruz,,
juz wanna story u guys about my days wth my buddies in como :))
hehh when i first got there,
oh godd, how lost i was
bt yeahh, had a lot of helps from friends <3

thats devin hare :) helped me wth social skills hahaaa

abigail!! <3 us before a dance performance~~

then, i met these guys; sonia "sonny" yudha pradana
and leslie "lezzie" yong

yeahh, my cruel bestieee hyunh "rika" nguyen my thuy uyen uyen
ahahhh yeahh, frrrreaking long ayy?

hehh how we spent our time togetha <3

*winkwink hehh posing babehh, work it out~

hahaaa, not a best pic tho =,=
bt still, she decorates d pic beautifully :))

hehh wth my siamese twin, astika tahir <333

hahaaa background people~

oh sh!t, wrong hand-styling hahaaa

arumi <3 astika <3 michelle

mid finga babehhh :PP

rika <3 arumi <3 violet

:)) oh goshh, wonder if i would get friends like em in msia?
ahahh some moments were swweett,
some were bitterrr
but yeahh, we managed to make thru guys :DD
remmber about d beach trip? ahahh
waiting fo dat particular someone for hours,
n at last, we did splash a splasshhh for like, 7 minutes~~
BHAHAA n then, went home =,=

hehh by d beach <3

in da bus~ hehh

on our way home~ ahahh
rika edited this one~

huu~~ i ll remember u guys foreva~
:'))) best of luck in aussie arrayy?
hehhh thxs fo being such awesome friendss

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