Monday, December 20, 2010

reliving memories

hahh! wot d HELL is daatt? DD:
LOL dats scharell, washing his brotha's bike~

oyyeahh, at last, i had d chance to make it to my old neighbourhood~
met some of my old best buddies
scharell, razz, zero, awe, etc :))
n thxs brotha, fo sending me off there ahah

i spent my night at scharell's, talked some stuffs with him
:)) yeahh, sabar okay scharell ;))) masalah akan selalu ada, juz learn from em buddy :)
but yeahh. sadly, we had to cancel our planning, to go to nana's houz
she s our best gurl buddy, everybuddy else went to her place, waterfall, gathering~
sorry nana, we had complications tho :'((
family probz n i had to be homed early cuz i had tuition with a priv tutor :))

rooftop~ ecehh haha

shahril azmi n khalid arumi

on our way home, his home :PP 

ahaha dun ask me why LOL

scharell with his guitar :))

n dis is how i watched him playing HAHA konon~ :PP

*wink :)) last one captured

:)) later on, he ll go back to kedah, boarding school babehh :PP
hmm, best of luck okay? we ll show everyone we re gonna ace d stoohpidd SPM
ho ho :33
n to razz, im fuckin sorrry buddyy DD:
i didnt have d chance to come along with u guys to serendah
n fo missing d chance to meet up with you :'((
howeva, i love ya buddyy! best buddy foreva arryte? ;)))
oh godd, still rememba our S.E.A.?? LOL yupp, we had funn ayy? A LOT!!

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