Thursday, December 23, 2010


18th of december, hung out wth azim babehh LOL
thxs azim fo being there :))
too bad for shaff, got works to do on dat day tho
but yeahh, still, we had fun! :DDD
meeting up with different kinda peoplee, fantasying a model life for a while
hahaha cehh, camera smua na besar :PP bukan ejek, but jealous
erk, okay, juz ignore d statement :PPP

xrumi vs xzim

oh, dahsyat grass dy, smpai tenggelam kaki

strike it wth d cool xzim :PP

heh handsome en xzim uh~ ;)) cool jewp tgk :DD
but we went home early tho, had to go to my cuz's wed
but sempat posed for some more shots~ ahahh

ahah "angry pose!" said da photographa

the otha angry strike ;))

LOL *no comment :PP

heh xzim tgh check d gurls out :33

worhh ganas gitu :PP ahahh

lined up, spot xzim n me? ahah

huh havent been around pavi n its aliases for ages tho :PP
pretty confusing i was, but yeahh, xzim was there n helped me alot~ thxs buddy
n d rest of d day went on pretty well i think :)))

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