Saturday, December 11, 2010


:')) ohh nostalgiaaa~
haha after visiting SMK Menlara, we went to Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh
as to take any file regarding my basic/school infos
huhu but yeahh, was hell quite tho
well, wot do ya expect? it s holidayyyy buddyy :PP
hahaha BTW, my mummy s an ex-teacha here
english teacha <333
so, while waiting fo mummy, me n daddy sat outside
him with his blackberry, me with muh tour~
haha but one view captured me tho from afar
painted-wall~ i was like "whoaa, dats awesomee"
so, i walked there, and obsereve em paintings
it was longgg tho, abstract paintings along the wall~ :DD
colourful! cheerful! randomful! wait, does dat word exist? :PP
nahh who cares? sadly, i forgot to snap some pics of d wall :'((
but doesnt matter, i know i ll be back someday :33

hah! see dat hottie at d back? :DD

hee juz dat, not much :PP

so yeahh, met some teachas tho
we talked~ Miss Tanty Sharom
an english teacha, not mine tho, but yeahh, we talked once a while long ago
danng she still remembers muh poem writing
well, not exactly poem, more to creative writings, a competition
d title is, Meet Me Halfway
yeahh, got d title from d song Meet Me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas
i was crazy for d song back in d days, well, crazy for BEP actually, or more to fergie~
ahah i won tho! :DD n yeahh, dats muh first time ever okayy?
i swear, ive never written something like dat
guess dats wot we call, INSPIRATION FROM NOWHERE ;))
first creative writing: Meet Me Halfway
first poem: Promise
n afta awhile, we went off to home
but before dat, ate at KFC, n blablabla
HOME~ :))))


  1. wheres your makeup? oh i mean eye liner :P

  2. ahah i see u still rmmber this buddy
    out of stock LOL
    nahh, giving my eyes a lil bit rest