Saturday, December 11, 2010

SMK Menjalara

not really sure yet, but yeahh,
it seems like, SMK Menjalara would be my school for next year
huhu we (mummydaddyme) went to d school to consult d headmistress
but daddy was kinda, "no, u wear cap okayy, u with ur hair.."
=,= "daddy, surely they understand whyyyy" =,=
well, woteves, as long as ure happy n no chattery-blabbery,
im cool :33
but then, as i were to speak with the HM,
she asked me to remove muh cap, she hated it (cap)
n yeahh, she said "biasala tu, orang baru balik dr luar negara.. rambut un berstyle la.."
owhh thxs fo understnding ladyyyy :'))
any chance for me to keep my beautiful hair fo next year?? :DDDD
"but yela, dkt skola ni knela ada peraturan, rambut nnti knelah potong ye.."
=,= DAANNNGG ITTT! ahahaa
but yeahh, still arryte, :)))
n then, to my subjects guideline~
heh think it s okayy tho, i have my engineering drawing <3
drop BIO (NOOOO!!), ive CHEMIST, PHYS (danngg it!), add maths (erghh..), n otha stuffs
huhuu and YESS, my visual arts edu!!! but my class is subjected to after-hours
but i think it s kinda special tho~~ not having any problems with direct contact with any teacher, cuz some are, freakin strict n disallow any extra-creativity (like muh ex-teacha) =,= hehh so, giggle, wish me luck! ;)))

P/S: i have to catch up a LOTTTT!!! hoho

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