Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fruits biz - numero duo, 12nd of disember

so, d biz went on~ :))) except today was busier than yesterday
DDD: bcuz sports stuffs were on dis day, futsal, volleyball, etc
well, gotta say, im not much of a sporter :PP
it s juz aint my thanggg ahahh so, i stayed at d fruits stall, relaxingg
but dudee! it was freakingggg boringgg!! so i bought a lot of foods tho :PP
using d biz's moneyyyy~ heyy, with permission okay? ahahh

hehh unprepared scene :PP

my penyeri suasana~ ABC babehhh :33
i like d stall keeper tho~ his laugh is funnyyy~
everytime he laughs, a smile would carve on muh lips

heh love d ABC <33

so, after an early ABC, customers were surrounding d stall
huh! today, i had to be the "cashier" DD':
but yeahhh, think it went good tho~ except i m a bad listener :PP
and i looked at em with muh weird face on.. dunno why
maybe i was trying to figure em out? heh :BBB well, woteves it is, money kept coming in~
dats d important part ayy? :DDDD
sadly, cuzens were late.. :'(( sometimes, if there was no one buying, i would go to d jumble-sale booth juz to fill up my empty minutes
n there was one kelantanese guy tho, talking, chatting, blabbering wth muh mummy
he s actually my mummy's ex-student, hearing his achievements, made me proud tho
ahaha sibok jewp :PP bia laa, anak murid mummy saya, anak murid saya juge~
boleh? hahahaa
back to my stall (ecehh my stall), was waiting like crazyyy
ouhh, a family came by, to buy some of d pink-small-guavas,
d daddy was funnyyy tho ahahah my new style is, i would wear my name tag ;))
dun ask me why ahahh and he asked his sons, "tgk la tu, knpe abang tu pkay name tag?"
anak dy dengan shynye kata "ntah, tanyelah dy" daddy dy kata pule, "cuz abng ny nakal, so dy kne denda" and then he asked me, "betul takk??" ouhh, thing about me is, u dun ask me when i wasnt alerted okay? ahahh was blurred tho :PP i was like, "umm, heh, aaa.. haha"
=,= haha, another scene was, two gurls were buying fruits from me
and i heard they whispered to each other, "abang ny muka dy mcm perempuan.. rambut dy.. psstt... hihi" =,=  =,=  =,= hahhaaa i was blushing by then
damn youusee!! hahaaa bia laa saya :PP
after a loonggg pain+boringfull hours, finally, my cuzens showed up
today, an extra person was added to d list, Damia was there

there she is~ :DDD syster of d triplets

ahahh hebat ta? :DDD

auntie, anita n her daughter/my cuzen, eisya feriha ;))

heh after a while, zuhr was in d atmosphere :))
performed wudhu' first, and prayed~ <333
BTW, this masjid has two male toilets, side-by-side =,=
dunno why, it isnt dat crowded tho, not even a single person was there
guess it must due to friday prayer then :33 i dunnooo
and after some food shoppings, cuzens, mummy n brotha packed d jumble-sale booth up n went home, without me huhu sedyhnyee i had to pack my stall up first
and heyy, i got my gaji tho~ <33 well, didnt really expect for any income tho
d green-in-colour-note~ *winkwink 5 RINGGITS~~ ahahaa =,=
well, bersyukur~ haha and after dat, again, i walked home :333

my route home :))) and my route to every friday prayer hahaa

luah perasaan! hahaaa :PPP

heh *ending*

on my way home was pretty funny! haha
juz outside of d swimming pool, there is a playground
i am a short-sightedness, so i couldnt see by dat far (from where i walk to d playgrnd)
and i thought i saw muh brotha, with his towel on his head
and i was like, staringgg him lonngg, cuz dats wot i do sometimes to him
u know? d weird face u give when u meet ur siblings or ones who u didnt expect
ahah and d guy walked away, and yeahh, still, i thought it was my stupid brotha, running away from me bhahaha so i walked fast to him, kinda like running
and then, d guy ran off! by d time, i realized, danngg it, dats not muh brotha
he s hell short! maybe around 13 or somethng hahaha :DDDDD
wonder wot he would tell his parents then? :PPP
"tadi ada orang handsome but gila kejar abang!!" eh eh :PP
haha perasan~ so yeahh, d same thing happened as yesterday, we talked about music
and practiced d song "berhenti berharap" <33
conclusion is, working is hell tired, but d sweat aint fo nothing ;)) it all pays off by building ur confidence up, which is more important as to face d thorny roses and bitter sweet of life *winkwink

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