Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Facebook's matters

first of all, why?
huh! by now, lots of people said my pictures on facebook are fakes =,=
i aint dat pathetic u know?? ://
some even got mad at me
marahmarah saya, kata saya ta reti tipulah,
well, mmg btul un, i m bad at lying
ahah but but, buad apalah pun na tipu
become a bullshait? ive better things to do okay losers?
so, after my candy told me to ignore em,
i would wanna say, "i dun give a fuck to em now, i was, but not nemore i will"
huuu thxs hun, u helped me a lot <333
so yeahh,, i am khalid arumi, n i approve this message!! :PP

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