Monday, October 01, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

so lately, (by lately, i mean for months)
i ve been so freaking down, near to the point of breaking,
might as well already was shattered to bits lol
but nev mind~ everybody has his ups and downs
so it was one of those moments, in a way, glad it happened ;P

it is spring now here in OZ muahahahaha
well, it has been a while tho but whatev~
in canby, there is this annual event called Floriade :)

how beautiful ay? SubhanAllah! :{DD
kinda like a flower parade, showcase or some sheezs
but yeah it was lovely there :3
went there with Sis Ayu, joined by Iman, Ajim, Sis Iti, Loqman, Olivia and Amber~
didnt do much really but that was as attended anyway~
1st off, me n Sis Ayu had our brunch there, nachos and something from the 'middle easterners' like kebabs n stuffs~

rambut rosak T____T well i looked happy so what da eva~
soon after that, the other herd arrived haha~
too bad i dont have the picture of us altogether tho *sobsob*
well, we got on the effin ferris wheel which was pretty much a vivid nightmare to moi T__________T
i am not a height friendly creature...

at the peak of the ferris wheel~ look at those colorful ants walking around :3
so basically, all the flowers draw up some colorful top hats~
thank god this picture was taken cuz if it were not, i wouldnt know such creativity exists lol
i did open my eyes but instead, i inspected the cleanliness of the gondola's floor muehehehehheehheh didnt bother to look outside cuz of reasons~ :P

oh~ imagining the wheel suddenly stopped and one of the gondolas had a glitch n the super me climbing up to save the citizens~ thank you! thank youu!!
and after all of that, we just wandered around, each had an ice cream~ i had the Golden Gaytime for the 1st time lol a sign of me gettin old T____T cuz if it were the lil me, everytime a new ice cream is out, me n my brah will run to the stores to have our first taste n rate em up haha *the old days*

ouh, did something new tho at the festival~ i have always wanted to get face painted, ALWAYS! lol usually i see it being done on the movies n stuffs so, as we were walking i saw this awesome looking booth, with images/patterns/etc outside and dudeee, i half died inside (always exaggerating everything haha) aandd that happened!

there are some more of those stuffs on my forehead but yeah, not everything has to have reasons mueheh

wah, 1 MALAYSIA! a malay (me), a chinese, lets just assume (behind moi) and an indian (there~ thereee~~)

Simba puppet!!!!!

so after all of that, i wasnt really feeling well, probs just tired of the day but nowadays, i look pale as ever

oh n now, my skin has two hues lol skin-tanned baby~ 
so i guess that was it! ouh i bought this gorgeous lanterns n me iz loving it!!! mueheh :33

wondering how are YOU there though~ eventhough i laugh a lot, smile non-stop and work extra hard just to keep myself busy from feeling the aching pain, u are always there at the end of every fullstop. it is both comforting and suffocating. heh nev mind~ wish u joy, happiness, success, love and everything :) one more thing, i will never stop loving you, mocha.