Saturday, February 26, 2011

chances and time

i was supposed to take chemistry exam yesterday (friday)
but with mummy's consent, i skipped
seriously, i know every test i took is gonna be F-graded
so, there were only chemistry and arts that i hadn't taken yet
i figured, i dun want all of my results to be in red-colored
i searched on the web anything that has got to do with chemistry form 4 T_T danng harddd! but whotevaa ryte?
hoping my effort would pay off though :))

hoho rumah saya di tingkat lima ;))

td pergi follow mummy n aunty to mid valley
they were off to buy fabric n stuffs, eisya n i went to MPH
read comics n LOLed much, so yeahh, that is all tho
hoyyeahhh, my LK tuition was canceled n finally, had d chance to eat KFC's~ XD


Friday, February 25, 2011

another drawn xtina

this was during physics test, i finished early since everything was bazooka-ed :P so yeahh, drew another pic of xtina tho

:DD this is her performing along jennifer hudson, yolanda adams, mcbride n flo during the 53rd grammy awards
i saw this picture before n yeahh, got stuck in muh mind XD
woohoo! howeva, i couldnt remember the pattern on her dress tho~

my diary

first of all, i'm weighing down =,=""
damnit! after everything i ate n digested n processed,
from 57 to 54.. :OO duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

nmpak chubby ryteee? XD
nampak je, betulnya fuoohh~ LOL

in class, with izzati the anggun :)))

otha classmates there, cakap je keja orhh~

the ke ai~ :DD

i still remember when i was little, i was always afraid of form five students :) maybe back then, i was soo tiny and they were hell gigantic (to me) but yeahh, ryte now, being a form five doesn't feel that big tho :P i am still the naive boy who does things without thinking, a big fan of chocolate, forgetful n otha stuffs
yeahh, that's me :)

heh wearing my ex-boarding school shirt
SMK Segambut Jaya aka Sejaya

walking home from friday prayer ;))
assalamualaikum n buhbyeee~


swear to god i am sooo fed up with my studies T_T
i have to catch up form 4's n at the same time, have to keep up with form 5's momentum
and those fuckin subjects are physics, chemistry, addmaths, maths, LK n otha shaits
right now, im about to finish intervention exams, n hell they are freakingg hardd =,="
unsure about what s gonna happen during SPM though....
plus the you-will-fail speech from the teachers are NOT HELPING

seriously, im missing aussie now. but yeah, deep down, i know everything has its pros and cons :(

huynh nguy my thuy uyen uyen :)) i miss u gurll~

i neva had the chance to thank you abigail for teaching me guitar n stuffs

 french beauty, deeya schwitzie :)) thxs for being my buddyy!

heh mana kwn lelaki yeah? XD no comment~

btw, wilayah persekutuan's song has been changed n now, almost everyday sir will take some of our time during morning assembly to sing the has-to-be-learnt-song :) 

Monday, February 21, 2011


my idol, whom people tag her as "the voice of generation", CHRISTINA MARIA AGUILERA ;))

a Burlesque wallpaper

:)) thxs for singing xtina,
uve helped so much of us getting thru obstacles
we love you to bits


betapa jealousnya daku dgn mereka yg diberi peluang menceburi bidang seni sebagai babak kehidupan selepas sekolah.. tuhan, kupasti kaumendengar, berikan kepadaku peluang untuk meneruskan cintaku ini T.T pahit amat jika (dgn terpaksa), kubuka pintu yg menghalaku ke arah sempadan seni, hanya kerana mereka kata itu adalah patut. pahit, amat pahit.. :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tough luck, smexayy

"sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga"
well, first of all, juz had physics test todayy
n yeahh, as many of yous know, i didnt go thru form 4
so, blank in the head babehh
about the calculations, i juz pressed the numbas n times n over n plus n minus n otha shaits
boom! numbas come out, if one of the answers has it, automatically, im statisfied XD
but yeahh, my contact lenses were a bigg problem tho
they were excruciatingly hurttt DDDD:
especially during PBSM meeting, cant even open muh freakingg eyes!!
so, had to take it off n kept it inside an empty tissue packing :PP
wohoo i had robpattinson's eyeball tho, kinda smexaayy~
oh ohh, the biggest shit eva is, as tomorrow (17th of february), BURLESQUE hits malaysia's cinemas everywhere (almost everywhere), i have to take them stohhpidd-timed-examinations.. segala seranahhs kuhambur =,="
but apa mampu diubah yang lebih ketara mustahilnya?

ohhh breathtaking~~

woohoo! E.X.P.R.E.S.S. ;))

hoyyeahh~ performing at DWTS

as to conclude, patient is what came across muh mind
some might just not get it, but yeahh, i dun even expect everyone to nod tho ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

aretha franklin, get well soon

recently, MY xtina (haha), jen hudson n otha divas paid a tribute to the legendary, aretha franklin at the 53rd grammy awards
btw, she (franklin) is sick now n under hospitalization, get well soon honeyy <3
they did a medley of aretha franklin's n hell yeahh, i was like
"CHRISTINAAAA!!! I LOVEEE YOUUUUU!! DDD: oh, n jennifa hudson too~"
about xtina tumbled at the very end of their show, i LOLed  XD
awwww, i said, "CUTE!" ;))))

P/S: imma beg xtina to sing a happy bday song for me next year! GONNA BE AWESHUMM!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


hey, we meet again exams =,=
been a while huh? i hate youuu

heh muh new spectacles n em luhving it~

so yeahh, kicking it off with malay lingo first
hoohhhh first time ML test, quite hard/fun
d reason i said it s kinda fun is that, for the first time,
the questions asked to write looonngg~~ :DD
section a, had to do an elaboration on "permainan tradisional"
maximum is 250 words, i did 243 words ( BANGGA LAHH! XD)
hahaa n others were a flat-line =,="
but yeahh, crossing my fingas for luck noww~
after that, physics...................................................
hehh i did all the calculations, n of coz, doesnt matter if u re on d right track or not,
answers may come out, but unnecessarily the RIGHT ones rytee?
hahaa finished off early tho (since most of em i juz tembaked)
so, boredom came around, n this stuff is drawn XD

LOLZ hey hey, can u see the glimmering angel in there? woohoo!! <3

too bad tho, it s graded F minus by Submarine aka Sabrina LMAO
oh yeah, today is Valentine's, but Muslims can't celebrate it tho
"can't even wish it", so my ML teacha said
she said, it s considered as SYUBAHAT, so remember fellow Muslims~
*winkwink stay ur asses away from this day's routine!! XDDD

Sunday, February 13, 2011

since kindy

stuffs dat will neva change since i was in kindergarten~
  1. my passion in arts
  2. my obsession in chocolates
  3. my hatred in sports
  4. my self-consciousness
  5. my imagination :))

lil arumi biatches! :))

teen arumi babehh :DD

Thursday, February 10, 2011


boys will be boys
and d word LAZY kinda describes how boys are like

muka boring jewp :P

lately, my life imitates sloth's
i have no interest in education whatsoeva
much less than school, homeworks and otha shaits
juz got one passion in mind, which is gotta be arts
fine arts, sculptures, otha medias
oyyeah, juz got the task sheets for SPM tho
but still, thinking every one of em thoroughly
juz wish me luck hotties

P/S: cant wait for SMK with capital L to end! (in case u ve no idea wot L stands for, it s LAME)