Saturday, February 26, 2011

chances and time

i was supposed to take chemistry exam yesterday (friday)
but with mummy's consent, i skipped
seriously, i know every test i took is gonna be F-graded
so, there were only chemistry and arts that i hadn't taken yet
i figured, i dun want all of my results to be in red-colored
i searched on the web anything that has got to do with chemistry form 4 T_T danng harddd! but whotevaa ryte?
hoping my effort would pay off though :))

hoho rumah saya di tingkat lima ;))

td pergi follow mummy n aunty to mid valley
they were off to buy fabric n stuffs, eisya n i went to MPH
read comics n LOLed much, so yeahh, that is all tho
hoyyeahhh, my LK tuition was canceled n finally, had d chance to eat KFC's~ XD


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