Thursday, April 21, 2011

bukan cinta biasa

begitu banyak cerita
ada suka ada duka
cinta yang ingin kutulis
bukanlah cinta biasa

dua keyakinan beza
masalah pun tak sama
ku tak ingin dia ragu
mengapa mereka selalu bertanya

cintaku bukan di atas kertas
cintaku getaran yang sama
tak perlu dipaksa
tak perlu dicari
kerna kuyakin ada jawabnya

andaiku bisa merubah semua
hingga tiada orang terluka
tapi tak mungkin
ku tak berdaya
hanya yakin menunggu jawabnya

janjiku terikat setia
masa merubah segala
mungkin diakan berlalu
kutak mahu mereka tertawa

diriku hanya insan biasa
miliki naluri yang sama
tak ingin berpaling
tak ingin berganti
jiwa ku sering saja berkata

andaiku mampu ulang semua
kupasti tiada yang curiga
kasih kau hadir
tiada terduga
hanya yakin menunggu jawapan

*this song reflects exactly what i feel towards you. please, i'm tired and now, it is about to pass annoying and hatred. whatever will happen, i leave it on you. decide what's the best for you. honestly, i am sorry for everything i did, did not or never did. but yeah, emotion is not to be forced. again, i am sorry friend..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hujan oh hujan~

after school today, i went shopping at tesco, village mall by walking
it is literally in front of my school so yeahh, aint that far :) was all alone tho
i bought my facial wash n moisturizing cream XD
then, walked back to school because i'm practically a "putera islam" now LOL did some cooking babehh~~ actually, my main duty is to wash dirrty dishes :33 and as a guy, i feel responsible to protect them weaker sex HAHAHA whotevaahhh~~~

well, the highlight is, when i was on my way home alone, it was raining cats and dogs DD: but but but, felt kinda sexy though :PP
as if i was in that one part in the song "dirrty" by my woman, xtina where xtinaroomy n her girls are dancing wild at a parking lot or something, and the 'emergency water' is pouring and the whole floor is wet up, woohoo~~ yeah, welcome to my world bitches :P

heee oh oh, while i was walking, i practically washed my face using the facial wash i bought at tesco earlier hahaha felt kinda stupid but at the same time, i dunnoo, a lil bit of fun essence in there :DDD

Monday, April 18, 2011

knock knock

this thursday, i ll be on my way to undergo medical check up for my family's plan; moving to canberra, australia next year......
huwaaaaaa cheq ta mawu nahhhhh,, cheq na stay kat malaysiaa

eventho malaysia nyh dotdotdoootttttttttttttt LOL
but whoteva, life goes on
like it or not, we have to stay strong ryte? be a fighter ;))
howeva, at the end of the day, still............