Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hujan oh hujan~

after school today, i went shopping at tesco, village mall by walking
it is literally in front of my school so yeahh, aint that far :) was all alone tho
i bought my facial wash n moisturizing cream XD
then, walked back to school because i'm practically a "putera islam" now LOL did some cooking babehh~~ actually, my main duty is to wash dirrty dishes :33 and as a guy, i feel responsible to protect them weaker sex HAHAHA whotevaahhh~~~

well, the highlight is, when i was on my way home alone, it was raining cats and dogs DD: but but but, felt kinda sexy though :PP
as if i was in that one part in the song "dirrty" by my woman, xtina where xtinaroomy n her girls are dancing wild at a parking lot or something, and the 'emergency water' is pouring and the whole floor is wet up, woohoo~~ yeah, welcome to my world bitches :P

heee oh oh, while i was walking, i practically washed my face using the facial wash i bought at tesco earlier hahaha felt kinda stupid but at the same time, i dunnoo, a lil bit of fun essence in there :DDD

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