Sunday, December 26, 2010

beautiful dirrty secret

hushh.. imma tell u something about me..
guess wot? it s a secret, so keep it unda d shadow okay? :))
im obsessed with christina "xtina" maria aguilera *winkwink
LOL i dun think it s a secret at all ahaha
there! terpampang as my background :33 

my xtina babehh is belting a note out CC:

so, brief history of her: when she was lil, her houz was a mess. his daddy was an abuser. her mummy was the usual victim, until one day, my xtina got beaten up. so, her mummy brought xtina n her lil sis away to xtina's grandmum's~ n from there, xtina started singing. her most big time fav artist is Etta James <3. 

that's etta james :))

MMC :))

she was in The Mickey Mouse Club along with Justin Timberlake n Britney Spears. spot em on d pic guys? :PP her debut singles, genie in a bottle, what a girl wants and come on over (all i want is you) were a success :DD but, she wasnt happy for what her record company illustrated her - a bubblegum pop singer. so, she took over her image creativity after she fired her backstabbing manager. the song dirrty was out, n i officially became her dirrty fan ;)) her cover performance It's A Man's Man's Man's World ranked third in the Grammy's Greatest Moments List performances following greenday's American Idiot and celine dion's My Heart Will Go On.

a tribute to james brown

n now, her film debut juz premiered this thanksgiving~ BURLESQUE :DD oh fuckk, been waiting since d making of it tho ahah knew it from my obsessional research of her LOL ouh forgot, she has a son, named maxxie~ hey maxxie, we should be best friends ya kno? haha

heh my special thanks to my idol, xtina :)) a beautiful fighter <333 THANK YOU

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