Saturday, December 18, 2010


okay, so im not a very good dancer, but so what?
at least i love to ;))
and one of my best dance memories, wait, the only memory i have is when i was in aussie~
teamed up with huynh "rika" nguyen my thuy uyen uyen, and abigail "bigay" gracetanti aprianto <33~ ahahaa thxs guys fo forcing me back then :PPP
juz a video below, well, not a perfect one, cuz we were still working on it when this video was recorded *winkwink lacked a LOT of practice, but yeahh~ we won tho ;))
guessed all the hard works and dancing-under-the-shadow-of-my-mummy paid off :PP

so sorry, juz rotate ur head 90 degrees anti-clockwise LMAO

I      L  O  V  E      D  A  N  C  I  N  G   <3

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