Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alley in the midnight

NOTE: this stuff is a reflection of a disturbed-innocence-mind

Should I know? What’s hidden at the corner of that alley. Beyond a soul, to discover all along the fouls in daily steps. Made a false move, just to mess around. Y'all know what they say, in the end, we are all gonna end up dead. Found a trick now, but no, it’s a secret to be treasured. Possibly a key or more. Good luck on finding them! Yes, you’re gonna need LUCK.
            As never been to, I ask too much. Watch in the mean of time, as long as I must. Sceneries are drawn in hesitation, of sketches and monochromes. Motions of emotions are written with certain feelings in this diary of mine. In this diary of an actor. Everything is crafted so perfectly artistic. Secretly, I hear a song, of melodramas and beautiful. Yes, another secret. Not being sarcastic, but life is a drama. Good luck walking on those thorny routes whilst bare-footed. Wounds and tears? Honey, grow up! If death is fated, better fuck them no’s and why’s. ain’t got no time to joke and fool the wise.
Frankly all of us knew, waking up from a long quiet sleep is hard. Living a dream isn’t that easy as told nor as seen. Those who have pulled through aren’t lucky like imaginations. They made their fame by their own blood, with smiles and triumph. Quiet a hell? No, this is life. Sugar is bitter than reasons then. Secrets are more. As that depth of the sea, wonders fold so many letters. These secrets are untold, and not to be told though. Once you understand the truths and nightmares, don’t scurry. Escape isn’t its way out anymore. Stay. Stay put and enjoy the show, with friends and worries. By the way, saying no doesn’t exclude you from this celebration. Once you’ve joined this circus, no turning back to the norm. And as the matter of fact, welcome to the alley.

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