Thursday, December 02, 2010

Como Secondary College - part uno

abbreviation: CSC
location: CSC, Bruce Street, Como WA 6152, Australia
comments: AARRGGHHHH!! fuckin missingggg yaaaa!
                 my beautiful buddies~ my oh-kinda-okay-teachass
                 thanks guys for everything~ <33
                 till next time ayy? :DDD

oh godd, still rmmber our river cruise tho
hhaaaa danced for d first time everrrr
and hadd en extraa FUNN

introducing.. river cruz <3

scene captured. not so great tho haha

lets get the part started!! :DDD

ehhhhh macarena~ ahahhhaa

abigail gracetanti aprianto <3

hehh DANCE OFF!! :DD

meowww! stripped to black

work it pikeyy!! hahaaaaa

deeya shwitzie~ imy

do da toungiee boyy


wahhh! take dat! hahaaa

miss d moment guys :33

those two guys were drunk by dat time :PP

feeyyuuuuu~~ hahaa

meet the asians, lisa chen and ken ann lim

okay now~ :)))
numero uno has got to its end
ahahhh it was cold at first in d boat,
but after some shakings, we were hot then

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