Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alley in the midnight

NOTE: this stuff is a reflection of a disturbed-innocence-mind

Should I know? What’s hidden at the corner of that alley. Beyond a soul, to discover all along the fouls in daily steps. Made a false move, just to mess around. Y'all know what they say, in the end, we are all gonna end up dead. Found a trick now, but no, it’s a secret to be treasured. Possibly a key or more. Good luck on finding them! Yes, you’re gonna need LUCK.
            As never been to, I ask too much. Watch in the mean of time, as long as I must. Sceneries are drawn in hesitation, of sketches and monochromes. Motions of emotions are written with certain feelings in this diary of mine. In this diary of an actor. Everything is crafted so perfectly artistic. Secretly, I hear a song, of melodramas and beautiful. Yes, another secret. Not being sarcastic, but life is a drama. Good luck walking on those thorny routes whilst bare-footed. Wounds and tears? Honey, grow up! If death is fated, better fuck them no’s and why’s. ain’t got no time to joke and fool the wise.
Frankly all of us knew, waking up from a long quiet sleep is hard. Living a dream isn’t that easy as told nor as seen. Those who have pulled through aren’t lucky like imaginations. They made their fame by their own blood, with smiles and triumph. Quiet a hell? No, this is life. Sugar is bitter than reasons then. Secrets are more. As that depth of the sea, wonders fold so many letters. These secrets are untold, and not to be told though. Once you understand the truths and nightmares, don’t scurry. Escape isn’t its way out anymore. Stay. Stay put and enjoy the show, with friends and worries. By the way, saying no doesn’t exclude you from this celebration. Once you’ve joined this circus, no turning back to the norm. And as the matter of fact, welcome to the alley.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

beautiful dirrty secret

hushh.. imma tell u something about me..
guess wot? it s a secret, so keep it unda d shadow okay? :))
im obsessed with christina "xtina" maria aguilera *winkwink
LOL i dun think it s a secret at all ahaha
there! terpampang as my background :33 

my xtina babehh is belting a note out CC:

so, brief history of her: when she was lil, her houz was a mess. his daddy was an abuser.

Friday, December 24, 2010

in my blood, foreva will be

d subject is, ARTS <33 my obsession~ heh

i started to draw when i was in kindy :)) my teacher, asked us to draw a bear
and so my class did, and yeahh, d first compliment ever on my ARTWORK~
she said mine was the best, and everyone was surrounding me, buzzing with wows n ouhs
so, dat scene had inspired me to becoming an ARTS lover :))
then, today, n insyaAllah, till the day i die, i wont stop at ARTS, NEVER!

still, i have to learn MOREEE because yeahh, i ve neva had an actual ARTS class before
except when i was in CSC :)) years before that, in malaysia, the teachas aint dat enthusiastic to teach us tho, LOL
usually, "okay, sekarang, buat kerja sendiri dgn senyap" :PP
even if there were, not really a class, they juz wanted u to do it, n woteva d outcome is, THERE IT IS~ GOOD JOB!! =,=" but heyy,, wheres all the theories n stuffs? DD':
no, i think i was d only one who wished dat wish :33  hoping dat whoeva in charged for teaching ARTS would actually teach us ARTS, d foundations n stuffs

now, i know i have to strive on my own ;)) n maybe with the helps of friends by my side
*drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, singing, printmaking, photography (not so) n etc :PP

P/S: once, i always hold my pencil when im off to bed. pencils soothe me :))

sopanla sked deyy

juz wanna type in wot happened when i was at friday praya
sedang solat chomellchomell td, ada la pula sebuah mamat bungla berbaju yellow
standing at d front saf, n one thing dat menganggu concentration i n orang sekitar
boleh dy scratch sexy ass dy? =,=" not once, but many times... CHOYY!!
oh my GODD i know this entry seems awkwardly gross
but yeahh, even if u cant get a hold of it, cover la sked klaw na garu un
ni ta, happy jewp dy uad free show... LOL
but i guess this is wot happened when u aint khusyu' in solat ryte? haha
so, d morals r, get prepared early, nnti lmbat smpai~
oh lupa, td bersiapan lewat, habis dimarahi uncle mubbin :PP
n yeahh, mind ur attitudes in public AND focus in ur solahh *winkwink

surprised me

sanggup kowunk k rumah khalid naek bus drpd sg buloh
ohh, touches my heart~ LOL
but yeahh, thxs so much for cominggg
fuxk yeahh, i had d chance to have fun with otha besties
scharell, razz, zero, awe n shark~
n yeahh, welcome to my houz shark :)) he s new
first of all, we all swam in d swimming pool at block B of my condo houz
played some games~ did some tricks ahah flipback, canonball, mermaid, wot else?? LOL
snapped some pics n afta awhile, got tired n went out to grab some lunch~
at Restoran Barkath <3 ahah hell expensive tho!! DDD:
so, juz ate two roti canais :)) later on, me n d guys separated by d T junction in fronna my houz huw..huw.. ta ta guysss~ scharell n shark r gonna go to kedah, study there
n razz my apelicious, BFF is going to johr, move there
wait, JOHR? ahah *winkwink ada malaikat d sana tawu ta? LOL *flying kisses ahah
this is my thank you to u guys ;)) for coming here all d way juz to spend some time with me LOVE u guys :)) until next time babehh~
*memorial pics below

Thursday, December 23, 2010


18th of december, hung out wth azim babehh LOL
thxs azim fo being there :))
too bad for shaff, got works to do on dat day tho
but yeahh, still, we had fun! :DDD
meeting up with different kinda peoplee, fantasying a model life for a while
hahaha cehh, camera smua na besar :PP bukan ejek, but jealous
erk, okay, juz ignore d statement :PPP

xrumi vs xzim

oh, dahsyat grass dy, smpai tenggelam kaki

strike it wth d cool xzim :PP

heh handsome en xzim uh~ ;)) cool jewp tgk :DD
but we went home early tho, had to go to my cuz's wed
but sempat posed for some more shots~ ahahh

ahah "angry pose!" said da photographa

the otha angry strike ;))

LOL *no comment :PP

heh xzim tgh check d gurls out :33

worhh ganas gitu :PP ahahh

lined up, spot xzim n me? ahah

huh havent been around pavi n its aliases for ages tho :PP
pretty confusing i was, but yeahh, xzim was there n helped me alot~ thxs buddy
n d rest of d day went on pretty well i think :)))

Monday, December 20, 2010

reliving memories

hahh! wot d HELL is daatt? DD:
LOL dats scharell, washing his brotha's bike~

oyyeahh, at last, i had d chance to make it to my old neighbourhood~
met some of my old best buddies
scharell, razz, zero, awe, etc :))
n thxs brotha, fo sending me off there ahah

i spent my night at scharell's, talked some stuffs with him
:)) yeahh, sabar okay scharell ;))) masalah akan selalu ada, juz learn from em buddy :)
but yeahh. sadly, we had to cancel our planning, to go to nana's houz
she s our best gurl buddy, everybuddy else went to her place, waterfall, gathering~
sorry nana, we had complications tho :'((
family probz n i had to be homed early cuz i had tuition with a priv tutor :))

rooftop~ ecehh haha

shahril azmi n khalid arumi

on our way home, his home :PP 

ahaha dun ask me why LOL

scharell with his guitar :))

n dis is how i watched him playing HAHA konon~ :PP

*wink :)) last one captured

:)) later on, he ll go back to kedah, boarding school babehh :PP
hmm, best of luck okay? we ll show everyone we re gonna ace d stoohpidd SPM
ho ho :33
n to razz, im fuckin sorrry buddyy DD:
i didnt have d chance to come along with u guys to serendah
n fo missing d chance to meet up with you :'((
howeva, i love ya buddyy! best buddy foreva arryte? ;)))
oh godd, still rememba our S.E.A.?? LOL yupp, we had funn ayy? A LOT!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


okay, so im not a very good dancer, but so what?
at least i love to ;))
and one of my best dance memories, wait, the only memory i have is when i was in aussie~
teamed up with huynh "rika" nguyen my thuy uyen uyen, and abigail "bigay" gracetanti aprianto <33~ ahahaa thxs guys fo forcing me back then :PPP
juz a video below, well, not a perfect one, cuz we were still working on it when this video was recorded *winkwink lacked a LOT of practice, but yeahh~ we won tho ;))
guessed all the hard works and dancing-under-the-shadow-of-my-mummy paid off :PP

so sorry, juz rotate ur head 90 degrees anti-clockwise LMAO

I      L  O  V  E      D  A  N  C  I  N  G   <3

Friday, December 17, 2010


okay, for the first time ever,
i wanna plan something for myself~
:DD its's called, lists 2 b done b4 i turn 30~
so, here we go *winkwink


wish life was a lomography
even a plain view, could become an awesome scenery
by the way, these are lomographies~

a friend of mine told me about this lomography stuff
think her name is emilia, we aren't that close though
just a lil bit of chit chat, and that's it :))
back to my wish, if life were a lomography
everything seems easier (at least, almost everything)
no need to please anyone, no need to race anything, no need to reason everything
just live the damn life and die =,= okay, not that easy, but you guys understand it
well, maybe it is just me who wish this kinda thing heh
whatever the outcome of life is, i wish i did the best out of me

BTW, i ain't good at photography =,=
just love checking some cool photos out babehh~

a lil note - emo version

my personality changes when i meet a different person
sometimes i am quite, sometimes i am hell loud
and most of the time, i am an ignorant self-talking
just the way i play my cards
but sometimes the rules aren't as expected
they could be tricky, and trickier next time
so, i don't expect you to love me at all
and sometimes, i even wish u would hate my guts
and i will continue playing with my words and smiles
just so you feel, that much hatred

Thursday, December 16, 2010

additional class, holy days

heh as some of yous knew, i have to take tuitions as to catch up wth msia studies
=,= how much am i hating dis ryte now.. grr but yeahh, neva mind my laziness tho
add maths.. chemistry.. physics.. no biology, BUT i love bio okayy? haha
but guess dis is fo d best tho~ i have my visual arts and my lukisan kejuruteraan~
but gotta say, on 15th, wednesday, (yesterday),,
it was pretty calming tho.. syasya sofina taught me addmaths
up to chapter two now~ n loving it! chapter one, not so ahah

heh muka sedyh ny...

sorry, gumba tidak clear :P, but still
u look hot asya *winkwink

ouhh, forgot to mention, afta addmaths,
me n eisya buad craft works~ ahahh lukis semua~

hah! amek kao! mcm pocket doraemon tgk
berbagai ada dlm uh :PP

us, togetha~ we r known as eirumi haha
or khaisya or eilid or aruisya~ woww..

dats my brotha, latiff arumi :))
time ny pegi shopping kejap, n then drop eisya, HOME~ :))

conclusion is, i love dis kind of day
na study un best jewp rasa :))) not as usual ahah
damnn hard to undastand a single thinggg =,="
so, wish me luck giggle~ merry xmas babehh~~

One Utama babyyy~

my cuzen eisya feriha, asked me to accompany her to OU on tuesday
said, she wanted to spy on her friends, suspecting that they are dating =,=
ahaha~ well, sounds interesting ayy? :DD
so, of coz i wanna~
first, it has been a longg time i havent been in GSC
2nd, as to spy along~ bhahahaa (turned out, the dating friends werent there, oh, bagusnya na spy salah info) so, i wanna ask my friends along then~ two people come across my mind tho
nazim "azim" nasri and shaff babehh hahaa
well, i wanna go out wth muh candy too, but distance keeps us apart :'(( huhu
but yeahh, i have him jailed in my heart~ <33
as to invite more friends, i advertise the invitation on FB~
and yeahh, some agreed in d first place, later on, canceled =,=
well, guessed they were hell busy ryte? *winkwink
at last, confirmation was azim n his "junior", karl (tinggi sanad mamat nyh)
so, as i got to OU, n seperated with eisya (and her peers), i walked on~
shopping some stuffs~ visiting toilet after toilet ahahaa
and,, snapp!!!

heh i lovee bangles okay? <33

n dat bag, i nicked it "caspian" has been by my side fo a long time~
love u buddyy~

n later on, azim smsed me, he had arrived, but SADLY, his junior was ill, got a fever
juz like his foster brotha, shaff :PP
we were planning on watching a movie tho~ NO GHOST STORY azim ta suka HAHAHA okay, it s me, so wot?? :PP
so, as to make him easier to recognise me, i bought a pink cotton candy~
haha havent had a bite on d sweet candy okay fo such a long time too :PP

tadaa~ there it is~

first meeting was funny tho, we were on phone, and he said he maybe lost
so, i went down by d escalator (i was already in front of GSC)
and while i was descending, he was on d other escalator, ascending
i was like, "heyyy~" plus waving to him
ho ho ho! merry xmas~ =,= sorry, slah timing
short after dat, we got our tickets, NARNIA babehh
at 6:30~ n it was 5:20++ i think :PP so, we got like an hour or so to fill in
first, we went to Maccas (McDonald's) to buy Bubur Ayam McD for karl d fever guy
LOL he was resting in a musolla near GSC tho, anyone familiar with dat locationnn?
outside of d musolla, there is a phone booth, top up sume boleh d situ~
first time i met karl, he was texting (probably wth his GF tho, seemed so focus on it)
wasnt even smiling tho huhuhu but later on, he smsed azim, saying thank you
ur welC buddyyy~ sorry fo dragging u here while u were sickkk :333
afta dat, we went to MPH~ checking some stuffs out~ oh, no new comic from Motomi Kyousuke.. :'OO ahaha my idol arryte? i love her comixsss~ <33

tadaaa~ d great azim~ all hail azim~ ahaha :DDD

hehh i was a mess! lol n he was like, cool~ ahaha

in da toilet~ hah! add-on: jacket~

mhmmmmm~~ wait, am i shorter? ahah
well, its arryte tho :PP

hahh~ a guy~ blowing his hands dry :))
welcome to my bloggie :PP

haha wotcha lookin at azim? hmm?
heh had fun in d toilet, so, we walked on,
BTW, we juz finished Narnia tho, hell awesome!
who said it was lame/boring? =,=" i say, it was freaking good~ love aslan's roarrr tho
made me jumped a bit :PP terkejod tawu ta? hahaa "RAAWWRRR!!!!" gila kaoo dy menyalak  hahahaha so yeahh, d rest of d evening was okay~ :333

azim~ he has been promoted to be my elf tho~
congrates *winkwink

im the santa~ santa calid~

heh dats us~ :)) by a xmas tree~ :33

Burlesque soundtrack!! fuckk, i didnt have enuff money tho
its arryte, next time babehh, next time.. ;))

soon, ready to set home, called muh mummy,
n waiting at Sun Moulin~ <3 thxs eisya fo lending me 10 ringgits~
will pay yer back~ we ate some bread-products and went home <33

heh while waiting~ :)))

*winkwink ahahh sempad lagi kao :PP

Eisya Ferihaa~~ best tgk Mak Limah Balik Narnia? hahaha
busetttt~ :PPP

thxs azim, karl, eisya, amalina n farhan :))
i had a great, relaxing time~~ :DDD
n now, tidak sabar untuk berjumpa dgn my candyhottie hoho