Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fruits biz - numero uno, 11st of disember

Masjid Al-Imam AlGhazali
heh on 11st n 12nd of novemba,
i was hell busy!
bcuz d masjid stated above was organising an event
kinda like, JOM KE MASJID program
so, my family dgn mengada2nya joined in for d sellingg department
we looked after a fruits stall n a jumble-sale booth
me, daddy, my cuzens; syasya, eisya,damia n otha people took care of fruits,
mummy, brotha n cuzen; danial jaga jumble-sale
so yeahhh~
on d morning of 11st, hit d shower earlyyy, ate a burger,
n blablabla ouhh, there was a colouring competition,
i got promoted babehh! :DDD
i had to draw d pictures~ two categories; 7-9 n 10-12

7-9 years old

heh but fo d 10-12 y/o's category, i forgot to snap a pic of it
but yeahh, a family of three, daddy, mummy, sonny :PP
walking towards a masjid :33

heh back to workingg~ luckily, i was just cutting em fruits~
i told my daddy i dun wanna b d "cashier"
cuz im baadd at talkingg =,= plus, i stare with my weird face on
dunno why, talent i guess? hahhaaa =,=" ouhhh, n i mumble by myself most of d time
and minutes later, my cuzens, syasya n eisya arrived~
wheww!! i was hell bored at d time, thx GODD :))))
n yeahhh, so we cut on~ guavas, n another one, pink in colour, smaller in size

olaa~ ahah getting ready for some cuttings~

hah! hebat ta? hahahaa

heh actually, i was talking wth d gurls at d time

there they are~ syaysa sofina n eisya feriha :33

oh yeahh, dats d pink fruit im talking about :PP

who knows? cutting fruits is helll hardd DD:
"wahh flying guava~~" haha when i was showing muh cuzen how to cut em fruits good,
accidentally, d guava dat i was holding slipped thru muh fingas n flew over to d next stall
ahaha freaking cool!! :DDD

tadaa~ haha with syasya sofina

oh muh god, it was zuhr already! time went by fasttttt!! DDD:
so yeahh, left all d stuffs first, n performed zuhr~ <3
n afta dat, lunch babehh :DDD there were kuey-teow, burgers, chick rice, coconut rice, n othas :33 so, we first went to kuey-teow, bought two of em, n to burger stall,
waited for minutes tho, d kid-customers were a pain in d ***! ahah
juz pay em already! "hot dog RM 1.80?? melawak!!", said one chubby kido
dude, dats good price, hot dog with buns la kidooo.. not juz d sausage =,=
huh! but sadly, they were outta burgers.. well, they asked us to wait awhile, they wanna buy some more, but we chnged d menu into chick rice~ ate at d jumble-sale booth tho
"fruits palace" was too open, (n to skip works) heh :PP

huu~ sharing is joyous ;))

cuzen, muhd danial n brotha, latiff arumi

:))) after eatinggg, we continued to work, but LUCKILY
people were starting to ease off, going home~
so we packed our stuffs up, and got ready to head home
woohoo!! i decided to walk home tho
cuz daddy was still pretty busy with his works + friendss
well, i love walking, i tell u dat ;))) if i could, one day, imma walk around the world and make muh family and people proudd~
dream big~ so i am *winkwink

ahahaa thru a special route babehh ;))

d chubbiness of me~ ahahaa

yeahyeahh homed safe n sound~ :)))
we all spent the evening at my houz~ juz hang out
talk about music, focusing on Bruno Mars, checking out d chords
ouhh~ n i taught em how to play guitar babyyyy~ ahaha
but yeahh, i aint awesome *sedarr juz when i was in como
i took d guitar skills subject~ oh shoott! i miss Miss Turner alreadyy DDD:
she s a fun-loving spirit tho~ always jokes around <33 unlike d otha male-teacha
as if u know who ;))) ahahahaa well as long as he s happy, we are all safe!

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  1. hahahahha funneyhh im bumping in here as i search for teh manjalara mosque..hahahha impressive! nice one dear, i pon xrjin join event mosque, salute! n btw i guess we hv this thing in common--> BRUNO MARS??!! >.<