Wednesday, December 08, 2010


okay, before making a new resolution fo dis year,
wot happened to my last year's?
oh godd, cant even remember wot the hell was it =,=
or i juz didnt resolute something??
hahaa well, guessed i didnt :PP
cuz yeahh, for me, i actually hate to plan something,
being determined on a particular thing
cuz wot if, juz IF, on our way to one road,
we neglect the other possible doors?
wot if, we couldve been best to be,
but i skipped that corner?
n wots the use of "being there",
when u ve already known all sorts of things about it?
aint it better if we discover the world,
with; fulled of surprises, bitter n sweet, new discoveries?
well, this is just me ;)))

hahaa woww i talk shaitt a lott! :PPP
n no, i didnt say "resolution is a waste of time"
its actually good for ones who r the opposite of me B))

1 comment:

  1. what you like and what you dont this year, and what will you in prove on :D