Friday, December 24, 2010

sopanla sked deyy

juz wanna type in wot happened when i was at friday praya
sedang solat chomellchomell td, ada la pula sebuah mamat bungla berbaju yellow
standing at d front saf, n one thing dat menganggu concentration i n orang sekitar
boleh dy scratch sexy ass dy? =,=" not once, but many times... CHOYY!!
oh my GODD i know this entry seems awkwardly gross
but yeahh, even if u cant get a hold of it, cover la sked klaw na garu un
ni ta, happy jewp dy uad free show... LOL
but i guess this is wot happened when u aint khusyu' in solat ryte? haha
so, d morals r, get prepared early, nnti lmbat smpai~
oh lupa, td bersiapan lewat, habis dimarahi uncle mubbin :PP
n yeahh, mind ur attitudes in public AND focus in ur solahh *winkwink

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