Tuesday, September 11, 2012


define home,
for me, it is supposed to be the safest place u ll ever feel to be in.

define love,
for me, it is when you'd rather pierce your own heart before his or her.

i know there are worst things that revolve around out there, to be compared, my laments are just me mumbling about things i might know less about. but what if i know the reasons better than them?

they talk about "stop judging people before anything" but instead, they betray their own words. as easy as one to just scream n shout, they make someone their stringed toy n throw whatever it is on their minds. the uglier the words, the funnier the jokes.

so if this gripping black hole stays the same, i'll have to find my own sanctuary because i won't stop believing, that there is something out there meant for me.