Thursday, September 19, 2013

a piece. been a while.

inspired by a good friend of mine, a comrade, another nightingale. thanks syam.

the road he walks on,  contradicts with his smile,
the light he has on, countless times had he to burn himself under the shadow,
just so he gets through another maze,
just so he can speak again from one more scream.

the path he chose to embrace, could not yet for no clue for an answer to shed,
in the crowd, isolation blinds him, abandoned through his fragile glass window,
that land he often speaks of, both a garden of eden and an urban paradise,
is now slowly burried deep in the haze, later by the condemning concrete walls,
the keys to every great gate are slipping through his fingers,
his numb tamed fingers.

but last night, before my eyes i saw a knight,
with his still-burning dreams as the sharpest sword,
the only weapon his hands lay upon against all doubting thoughts,
that taunt him across day and night, by him and all the encountered fights,
he will not bow and surrender, will not be held down by the scared contenders,
to the end he shall march, on a white horse or black,
in the end we all shall see, where the ribbon will never be,
a winner that is well forged would become of him, definitely.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


have you guys heard of the story, about a young lil boy who grew up into nothing?
mueheh he is still alive~ still breathing ;) unfortunately…
worry not, he deserves to be punished~ lolz
if i had power, i would have sent him away, to a damn place.
where he couldnt hurt others as how others couldnt hurt him as well.
finally, a happy ending huh? well that s a fairytale for ya ;D
im khalid arumi and i approve this message!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

so lately, (by lately, i mean for months)
i ve been so freaking down, near to the point of breaking,
might as well already was shattered to bits lol
but nev mind~ everybody has his ups and downs
so it was one of those moments, in a way, glad it happened ;P

it is spring now here in OZ muahahahaha
well, it has been a while tho but whatev~
in canby, there is this annual event called Floriade :)

how beautiful ay? SubhanAllah! :{DD
kinda like a flower parade, showcase or some sheezs
but yeah it was lovely there :3
went there with Sis Ayu, joined by Iman, Ajim, Sis Iti, Loqman, Olivia and Amber~
didnt do much really but that was as attended anyway~
1st off, me n Sis Ayu had our brunch there, nachos and something from the 'middle easterners' like kebabs n stuffs~

rambut rosak T____T well i looked happy so what da eva~
soon after that, the other herd arrived haha~
too bad i dont have the picture of us altogether tho *sobsob*
well, we got on the effin ferris wheel which was pretty much a vivid nightmare to moi T__________T
i am not a height friendly creature...

at the peak of the ferris wheel~ look at those colorful ants walking around :3
so basically, all the flowers draw up some colorful top hats~
thank god this picture was taken cuz if it were not, i wouldnt know such creativity exists lol
i did open my eyes but instead, i inspected the cleanliness of the gondola's floor muehehehehheehheh didnt bother to look outside cuz of reasons~ :P

oh~ imagining the wheel suddenly stopped and one of the gondolas had a glitch n the super me climbing up to save the citizens~ thank you! thank youu!!
and after all of that, we just wandered around, each had an ice cream~ i had the Golden Gaytime for the 1st time lol a sign of me gettin old T____T cuz if it were the lil me, everytime a new ice cream is out, me n my brah will run to the stores to have our first taste n rate em up haha *the old days*

ouh, did something new tho at the festival~ i have always wanted to get face painted, ALWAYS! lol usually i see it being done on the movies n stuffs so, as we were walking i saw this awesome looking booth, with images/patterns/etc outside and dudeee, i half died inside (always exaggerating everything haha) aandd that happened!

there are some more of those stuffs on my forehead but yeah, not everything has to have reasons mueheh

wah, 1 MALAYSIA! a malay (me), a chinese, lets just assume (behind moi) and an indian (there~ thereee~~)

Simba puppet!!!!!

so after all of that, i wasnt really feeling well, probs just tired of the day but nowadays, i look pale as ever

oh n now, my skin has two hues lol skin-tanned baby~ 
so i guess that was it! ouh i bought this gorgeous lanterns n me iz loving it!!! mueheh :33

wondering how are YOU there though~ eventhough i laugh a lot, smile non-stop and work extra hard just to keep myself busy from feeling the aching pain, u are always there at the end of every fullstop. it is both comforting and suffocating. heh nev mind~ wish u joy, happiness, success, love and everything :) one more thing, i will never stop loving you, mocha.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


define home,
for me, it is supposed to be the safest place u ll ever feel to be in.

define love,
for me, it is when you'd rather pierce your own heart before his or her.

i know there are worst things that revolve around out there, to be compared, my laments are just me mumbling about things i might know less about. but what if i know the reasons better than them?

they talk about "stop judging people before anything" but instead, they betray their own words. as easy as one to just scream n shout, they make someone their stringed toy n throw whatever it is on their minds. the uglier the words, the funnier the jokes.

so if this gripping black hole stays the same, i'll have to find my own sanctuary because i won't stop believing, that there is something out there meant for me.

Monday, May 07, 2012


aloha humans n non-humans~

arryte straight to d point without any puns n sheezs
i am officially a paranoid bitch :')
lol d story is, over here it s getting colder n colder by days,
n somehow this bothers me a lot haha mybe cuz it s only autumn now, winter is on its way (just imagine what it is like during the supposed-to-be-the-only-cold-season :O)
n this issue haunted me even till my eyes were closed, i dreamt about it recently :O
like how it is, d blue pale skin, shivering n what not haha too much exaggerations in that freezing dream T____T
n then, otha thing is concerning muh rabbits
this thought of me being a good master always plays around arryte
sometimes i feel like, im d worst carer of all, got me spending a lot tho on their foods, bedding n more foods but still, the same thing happened, followed me into my dream ystrday
it s hazy now but as far as i could rmmber, i was at this shopping mall
i think it was IKEA, back in malaysia :P so yeahh, somebody scolded me cuz magically, muh rabbits were there, hopping their mischievous asses off n things were moving so fast n next thing i knew, my female rabbit was (i think) kicked by me (OH NOO!) n d male rabbit was bleeding on its neck
n again, outta nowhere, two alright cages awesomely appeared, n my female rabbit was in there, lying down, looking extra weak n dirrty T_______T hazy, hazy for a while n still seeing my weak female rabbit there n i thought it was dead n (magically, again) a drinking pet bottle popped up in my hands n so i fed her n to my surprise, she drank it all up within seconds n regained her strength n BBOOOMMM! that was it :P btw, didnkno where dafuq muh otha rabbit disappear into lol sneaky little tasty meal..
omagad these stuffs r driving me cray crayy with the aid of my college's demands *dancingdancing*
n talking about college, we are about to work on our final project n it is damn hard
have to come up with "original" ideas n blablablahh n it has to be able to fit into a milk carton so that hints us that our projects have to be technically made up that it could shrink and enlarge to two awesome but in different-sizes things *__________*
just wish me luck o earth citizens, as i need it.. or a miracle~ dangg that would be awesome...