Monday, May 07, 2012


aloha humans n non-humans~

arryte straight to d point without any puns n sheezs
i am officially a paranoid bitch :')
lol d story is, over here it s getting colder n colder by days,
n somehow this bothers me a lot haha mybe cuz it s only autumn now, winter is on its way (just imagine what it is like during the supposed-to-be-the-only-cold-season :O)
n this issue haunted me even till my eyes were closed, i dreamt about it recently :O
like how it is, d blue pale skin, shivering n what not haha too much exaggerations in that freezing dream T____T
n then, otha thing is concerning muh rabbits
this thought of me being a good master always plays around arryte
sometimes i feel like, im d worst carer of all, got me spending a lot tho on their foods, bedding n more foods but still, the same thing happened, followed me into my dream ystrday
it s hazy now but as far as i could rmmber, i was at this shopping mall
i think it was IKEA, back in malaysia :P so yeahh, somebody scolded me cuz magically, muh rabbits were there, hopping their mischievous asses off n things were moving so fast n next thing i knew, my female rabbit was (i think) kicked by me (OH NOO!) n d male rabbit was bleeding on its neck
n again, outta nowhere, two alright cages awesomely appeared, n my female rabbit was in there, lying down, looking extra weak n dirrty T_______T hazy, hazy for a while n still seeing my weak female rabbit there n i thought it was dead n (magically, again) a drinking pet bottle popped up in my hands n so i fed her n to my surprise, she drank it all up within seconds n regained her strength n BBOOOMMM! that was it :P btw, didnkno where dafuq muh otha rabbit disappear into lol sneaky little tasty meal..
omagad these stuffs r driving me cray crayy with the aid of my college's demands *dancingdancing*
n talking about college, we are about to work on our final project n it is damn hard
have to come up with "original" ideas n blablablahh n it has to be able to fit into a milk carton so that hints us that our projects have to be technically made up that it could shrink and enlarge to two awesome but in different-sizes things *__________*
just wish me luck o earth citizens, as i need it.. or a miracle~ dangg that would be awesome...

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