Wednesday, January 25, 2012

here to stay

greetings~ :{D
well, it has been a week now im here
things are still blurry for me but yeah, they ll change later~

i hope so :P
in the plane biatchaass~ XD
juz wanna type in the highlights so far. at least for me they are :P
12 in the midnight, on 20th of jan, im officially an 18 Y/O but it didnt go as sweet as it supposed to be though
i cried in my bed cuz i was pretty much alone~ me and dad, we are not one of those close companions, and yeah~ like, i felt all lonely, quiet and cold :| plus im somewhere new, a stranger, an outsider~

well it has always been like this actually haha but for this exact moment, i dunno :O n the night after, my dad with his "brilliant idea", invited his friends to clbrte my bday at this new home.
but the sad thing was, when they were singing the HB song, got to the part where we mention the bday boy/gal's name ayy? and i think just the 3 or 4 of them who knew my name at the time n others were like "blah blaa blaahhh, hahhahhaha" =,= in a way, it is funny but it saddens as well, to me i mean T______T bt yeah, the night went on arryte i reckon~
n the otha past days, did nothing really, went shopping once~ babysat someone's children who i think for now, are my close friends =,= pffthhhhh~ i mean, how sad is that really? not to be mean n what not but yeahh, an 18 yrs old boy befriends with lil kidos, only? haha n now, all i m waiting for is to start off my Cert III at Canberra Institute of Technology later~ orientation is one the 2nd of feb and on the 6th is the official first day, insyaAllah ;)

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