Wednesday, January 25, 2012

la tahzan

*i typed this entry on the 17th of jan but didn't really post it, reason= nothing*
17th of january, 0340, still up doing nothing
just thinking :) tomorrow, 18th of january, i ll be leaving msia
joining my daddy there, btw i ve received my offer letter
alhamdulillah i got the course i wanted, it s about arts~

me at klcc, forever alone :P

but two things for sure, i ll be missing everything here
and discovering many things there, back in aussie babehh!
people hve been asking, "mesti sedih kan na pindah?" "so cane rase na blah dah?" =,= despite the sweet rudeness,, eventhough im used to moving, but that melancholic sadness always knocks on my window, and at the same time, it s exciting, why the hell wouldnt it b aite? scary, anxious, "alone" and stuffs~

homaii, rasanya smpai k pagi ah ye berjaga neh, wait, dah pagi laaa~ apalah awak ni.. :{D

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