Wednesday, December 07, 2011

spm n afterwards

what a phase has it been :) haha i have just finished my SPM!!! btw it is the biggest exam as a high school student here in malaysia~
i kinda use all the roads i had been walking thru, all the subjects that were confusing, hard to the hell and some were loved, favored as an excuse to sorta abandon-for-a-while this blog of mine :P
i can say that i am relieved now :) like finally, im outta school, which i d been longing for agess! XP people said that we will miss our schools after we are long gone, stepped into adulthood and blablahh but to think of it, i dun think i m gonna feel that much of that melancholic sadness because my family is one of those nomads :3 so i had never really strongly bonded with one particular place or people cuz yeah, it kinda annoys me when u re about to laugh and rock hard with a new atmosphere, another one is introduced and everything has to start all over again =,= but i can say i have accepted the fact and somehow embraced it :P from one view, it s kinda fun right? and in contrast, it hurts everytime as much as it hurts the first time

by now, most of my friends know imma fly back to aussie by january 2012, mid or so (another moving)
i juz wish i could stay a bit longer here, but yeah, life goes on~
wanna thank my happy tree family: the boys (howthe, qayyum, kee ian) and the gals (sabri, zati, maggie, hwee sun) for the memories :P my otha 5 Cemp classmates, friends of menjalara, i ll remember u guys~ my Don's, Azim, Ray and Adam <3 i love you bitchess~ and i mean it with all my heart haha i dunno why im making such a drama atm but yeah, in case we couldnt see each otha again before my flight, juz wantchu guys to know how thankful i am towards the acceptance :))) well, cheers for the future then! muahahahaha

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