Saturday, December 04, 2010

to us, cheers ;))

i was at the edge, you know?
when you told me something funny,
yet, reassuring,
yes, i was hurt by someone,
i was in pain,
but your words, your songs,
i listened to in adore,
and yes, i fell for you,
so, i recovered slowly,
both on my soles,  i could stand again,
gasping breath, i could even laugh,
my thank you, i love you,

when i look at you,
honestly, i see a best friend,
one who helps me through tears,
one whom i know, would catch me,
with open arms, just to calm me down,
with charmed eyes, as to enchant me love,
with warm red lips, to hush me once,
so, my promise, i ll try to be your best,

however, words and honey aren't the best as i vowed,
you're gonna shed a lot of tears,
for i ain't enough for you,
i ain't royalty like your majestic smiles,
i ain't precious like your absolute wonders,
i'm just, me..
finally, my apology to you, sorry for any scar i caused,
sorry for any wound i did,
but i need you, to stand by me,
and tell me, that stars broke the cliche, "sky's the limit"
whisper me, of love is, you and me,
I LOVE YOU, candyman..

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