Friday, February 25, 2011

my diary

first of all, i'm weighing down =,=""
damnit! after everything i ate n digested n processed,
from 57 to 54.. :OO duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

nmpak chubby ryteee? XD
nampak je, betulnya fuoohh~ LOL

in class, with izzati the anggun :)))

otha classmates there, cakap je keja orhh~

the ke ai~ :DD

i still remember when i was little, i was always afraid of form five students :) maybe back then, i was soo tiny and they were hell gigantic (to me) but yeahh, ryte now, being a form five doesn't feel that big tho :P i am still the naive boy who does things without thinking, a big fan of chocolate, forgetful n otha stuffs
yeahh, that's me :)

heh wearing my ex-boarding school shirt
SMK Segambut Jaya aka Sejaya

walking home from friday prayer ;))
assalamualaikum n buhbyeee~

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