Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tough luck, smexayy

"sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga"
well, first of all, juz had physics test todayy
n yeahh, as many of yous know, i didnt go thru form 4
so, blank in the head babehh
about the calculations, i juz pressed the numbas n times n over n plus n minus n otha shaits
boom! numbas come out, if one of the answers has it, automatically, im statisfied XD
but yeahh, my contact lenses were a bigg problem tho
they were excruciatingly hurttt DDDD:
especially during PBSM meeting, cant even open muh freakingg eyes!!
so, had to take it off n kept it inside an empty tissue packing :PP
wohoo i had robpattinson's eyeball tho, kinda smexaayy~
oh ohh, the biggest shit eva is, as tomorrow (17th of february), BURLESQUE hits malaysia's cinemas everywhere (almost everywhere), i have to take them stohhpidd-timed-examinations.. segala seranahhs kuhambur =,="
but apa mampu diubah yang lebih ketara mustahilnya?

ohhh breathtaking~~

woohoo! E.X.P.R.E.S.S. ;))

hoyyeahh~ performing at DWTS

as to conclude, patient is what came across muh mind
some might just not get it, but yeahh, i dun even expect everyone to nod tho ;)

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