Friday, February 25, 2011


swear to god i am sooo fed up with my studies T_T
i have to catch up form 4's n at the same time, have to keep up with form 5's momentum
and those fuckin subjects are physics, chemistry, addmaths, maths, LK n otha shaits
right now, im about to finish intervention exams, n hell they are freakingg hardd =,="
unsure about what s gonna happen during SPM though....
plus the you-will-fail speech from the teachers are NOT HELPING

seriously, im missing aussie now. but yeah, deep down, i know everything has its pros and cons :(

huynh nguy my thuy uyen uyen :)) i miss u gurll~

i neva had the chance to thank you abigail for teaching me guitar n stuffs

 french beauty, deeya schwitzie :)) thxs for being my buddyy!

heh mana kwn lelaki yeah? XD no comment~

btw, wilayah persekutuan's song has been changed n now, almost everyday sir will take some of our time during morning assembly to sing the has-to-be-learnt-song :) 

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