Tuesday, February 15, 2011

aretha franklin, get well soon

recently, MY xtina (haha), jen hudson n otha divas paid a tribute to the legendary, aretha franklin at the 53rd grammy awards
btw, she (franklin) is sick now n under hospitalization, get well soon honeyy <3
they did a medley of aretha franklin's n hell yeahh, i was like
"CHRISTINAAAA!!! I LOVEEE YOUUUUU!! DDD: oh, n jennifa hudson too~"
about xtina tumbled at the very end of their show, i LOLed  XD
awwww, i said, "CUTE!" ;))))

P/S: imma beg xtina to sing a happy bday song for me next year! GONNA BE AWESHUMM!!

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