Tuesday, March 01, 2011

pasal hati

stuffs that push my button :)

  1. treat me as if i am a complete idiot or childish. u dunno me that much so stop telling me that is for my sake. fact is, it s for your own good.
  2. mess my arts up except if i said "it s okay, knock urself out".
  3. controlling asshole. i am no one's but HIS. so things i did n did not r my biz. u re not in position to question em.
  4. do something that puts me to humiliation or in pain as if i have no damn idea. 
  5. copying what s mine. the way i talk, dress, work or anything.
  6. pretend everything is alright after u ve done me wrong.
  7. competitive. not everything in life is to be won. mostly, there s not even a competition at all. 
  8. claim something that i neva said or confessed. if u cant understand wot am i up to, ask me, not prejudging n thus tell everyone i am that and that.
  9. impelling me to do what eva you wanted me to obey after i said NO. has the world changed that a NO can be defined as "maybe" or "30% yes"?
  10. assume we are the same. meaning: u speak as if we live the same life, so every problem we have is similar, so u understand all of my reasons, so u know everything, so i hope u would understand my sarcasms.

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